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Heartattack 10

This LP compilation started out as a benefit for Heartattack 'zine. I ended up getting far too much interest in the project, and half of the bands were moved to the Amnesia compilation.
The HeartattaCk #10 LP comes with a fold out cover, a 24 page booklet, and they were all pressed on yellow vinyl. The booklet includes band info and also contributions from various people that worked on HeartattaCk at the time.
Featuring: Shotmaker, Union of Uranus, Amber Inn, Ex-Ignota, Manrae, Fisticuffs Bluff, Incurable Complaint, Jihad, K.A.S.H., Skyskraper, and Loomis Slovak.
(Taken From Ebullition)


Sweep the Leg Johnny were a Chicago-based post rock band from the late 1990s. The name comes from a line in the film Karate Kid.Sweep the Leg Johnny were fronted by saxophonist and vocalist Steve Sostak, who decided to form the band after meeting Chris Daly at university in Notre Dame. Steve tried out many different instruments to accompany Chris’s guitar, eventually settling reluctantly on the saxophone. When they returned to America, they tried to recruit other members for the band and found drummer Scot Anna, whose open and free-sounding drum technique went well with Chris’s convoluted guitar work, which was based mainly on melodies rather than chords. The band then also recruited John Brady to play bass. The bass playing is often simplistic in melody, but serves excellently as a pulsing rhythmic accompaniment where otherwise the beat might have been lost in the chaos. Allegedly, the group would rehearse up to 25 hours a week to graft their seamless synchronization in songs, which paid off.In 1997 the band released on Divot Records, which was a clean and open sounding album that had a sound similar perhaps to Yes or Slint, but really captured a style of its own encompassing brash speeding rock with much more sensitive slow-paced rock, within songs. The band took individual riffs and developed them within songs, looking at them in different lights, sometimes with vocals and sometimes without. Steve Sostak has said he writes lyrics when things in his life change; in other words he does not write lyrics for songs, as a lot of lyricists in rock bands do, to complete the sound. This relaxed attitude towards music-making allows a lot more freedom than the traditional rock formula, and sometimes requires more attention.The band’s second LP, Tomorrow We Will Run Faster, and subsequent albums, were released on Southern Records. Tomorrow… was mastered at Abbey Road Studios in London. Its five songs are all lengthy progressive songs that develop slowly, maturing, and climaxing fantastically, reminiscent of Godspeed You Black Emperor. Conversely, their third album Sto Cazzo (which means something akin to “f-ck you” in Italian) is a hectically-paced and chaotic frenzy of music which contrasts completely with Tomorrow. The two albums were released very close together, and Tomorrow ‘s dark navy cover and Sto Cazzo ‘s deep red one obviously portray the styles performed within. Sto Cazzo contains some of the most engaging rock music produced; furiously fast-paced, constantly changing, angry, and amazingly tight and synchronized, with songs flowing into one another seamlessly, this captures the essence of Sweep.After Sto Cazzo, guitarist Mitch Cheney of Rumah Sakit joined the band. He played in a dissonant and wandering style that contrasted well with the clean-cut interplay of the sax and guitar already there, to produce a very epic sound for their final LP, Goin’ Down Swinging. The album’s opening sax riff leads into the epic “Sometimes My Balls Feel Like Tits”, which combines the chaotic roller coaster variety of Sto Cazzo with the slowly maturing progressive sound of Tomorrow, and to some, it is the height of Sweep’s career. With the addition of Cheney, the group also decided to repair and modernize two of their older songs, “Rest Stop” and “The Blizzard of 99”, which are both made the more stunning with the addition of guitar, and the added energy they receive. Mitch also did the artwork for their last album, which features a bloodthirsty knight on horseback being lowered into some unseen battlefield.The band broke up some time after making their last album, having toured to excruciating lengths, and to some extent, made a conquest of the genre. Steve Sostak and John Brady are now in ZZZZ, a mystical musical group that carries some of the open-ended experimentation of Sweep, but with keys rather than guitars. Chris Daly was in a group with members of June of 44 and Hoover called Just A Fire, and Mitch Cheney is in a project called GREENESS; find out more on his Myspace page.Sweep briefly reformed for a benefit gig in Chicago near the end of 2005, but have no immediate plans to make any more music together.

This was taken from Sweep the Leg Johnny’s MySpace page, http://www.myspace.com/sweepthelegjohnnyy


Pretty cool emo-violence


Index for Potential Suicide was formed in the summer of 1998 in Charleston, SC by Christopher Ashley of the noise/hardcore band Murder Weapon and Brian Cooper, Robert Findlater and Frank Whiteside of Intentional Resentment. The four’s love for noise and experimental music was the foundation for the band’s early material. As an experimental band with drum machines, samplers, synths, trumpet, etc. the band played shows and cleared rooms with Hail Mary, Milemarker, etc. and recorded a demo called “This Week’s Boycott. ” The band then shifted to a more traditional “rock” line-up added Shawn Williams of Prevail on bass and recorded the “s/t” 7” after 3 practices, with Williams learning most of the basslines the morning of the record session. Two 7”s, a full length CD, LP, a compilation appearance, 2 tours, a cancelled tour and a broken down van saw the end of Index for Potential Suicide. Members went on to form or play in Red Herring, The Avenging Disco Godfathers of Soul, The Disease and countless others.


Citizens Arrest was a hardcore punk band from New York, USA that existed from 1988-1990. Their music catalog consists of some comp tracks, an EP (A Light In The Darkness) followed by an LP (Colossus) released shortly after the group had disbanded. According to the former members, a discography CD is said be be coming out soon. The band consisted of Daryl Kahan on vocals, Janis Cakars on guitar, Joseph Martin on bass, and Patrick Winter on drums. Influences by bands like Siege,Negative FX, and SoA, Citizens Arrest played numerous times despite being around for only a couple years. Their music was a mix of hardcore bordering on thrash complimented by gruff vocals that made them sound like they were a Japanese band like S.O.B.or Gauze.Considered one of the seminal bands of the late 80’s N.Y. hardcore scene, many wonder what might have been if internal band conflicts wouldn’t have torn the band apart so early.Members went on to play in Taste of Fear, HellNo, Moses, One Sided War. and Forced Expression.


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Shank is a British progressive thrash/powerviolence band from Glasgow, Scotland

Coded messages in slowed down songs

Groundwork was a SXE Hardcore Band from Arizona who released various 7”s along with a split with California’s Unbroken. A discography was released on Bloodlink records around their breakup. They exsisted in the early to mid 90’s.


Driftwood was an emo/hardore band from the early 1990s. They released a 7” (1993, Monopoly Records) and had a song on the “In Memory of Jason” 2xLP compilation (1996, Monopoly Records).Their members were Chris Pitzel (Shroomunion, Still Life), Mark Rodgers (Shroomunion,Perilisium Cantos, Ribbon Fix, Ha! The Disco Ah!, The Devils Own) and Melissa Mednick (Shroomunion)

Total Fury

F*%king amazing Japanese hardcore.

Committed to the core
sundown / the last forty seconds

The Last Forty Seconds was a soulful, moody hardcore band that exsisted for only a short time in 1999/early 2000s, whose extremely emotive songs stood out due to the unique vocals of singer Andy Maddox. They sounded like a cross between Orchid and Portraits of Past. The Last Forty Seconds broke up, but not before releasing a 12” and 7” split with Sundowner both on Ape Must Not Kill Ape records. Ex-members went on to form Wolves, The Saddest Landscape, Ampere, etc.


Kinetic Crash Cooperation

Very noisy emo violence from the Fatherland.

Impetus Inter

Impetus Inter were an emo/hardcore band, active from 1994 to 1996.

Youth Jihad 7"

Ex-Ignota were an emo/hardcore band from Goleta, CA. They formed in 1993 and broke up in 1996. They released their demo under the name IG-88.


A German hardcore band from Bremen.


formed in 2004 by ex-members from Theflyingworker! & Judoboy, Baron Noir plays an intensive epic hardcore with melodic bases…

L' epoque Exige de Bons Gestionnaires

Azure was a German 90’s emo band.They released a self-titled 7” (Honesty Records, 1995) and split 7” with Cerulean (Crooners Club Records, 1996).

This German All-Star Mid-90s Emo Band, who were formerly known as Cerulean (They were forced to change their name Pilots in Paris) Cerulean plays Melodic Indie/Emo in the vein of Mineral, Christie Front Drive, or Jimmy Eat World.

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Iconoclast formed in the early 90’s in New Jersey amidst a flourishing of diverse hardcore bands, such as Rorshach, Born Against, 1.6 band, Native Nod, Policy of 3, Merel, Greyhouse, Chisel. They recorded their self-titled first 7” for the Ebullition label, followed by a split 7” with the band Merel. Ebullition also released their ‘Groundlessness of Belief’ 7” and a discography on CD. Their last recording of new material before breaking up in 1994 was a split double 7” with the German band Abyss, released post mortem on Old Glory Records.Kent McClard of Ebullition describes them as, “powerful and energetic hardcore that combined the power and aggression of more traditional hardcore with the emotion of more melodic and passionate ’90s hardcore.” Pre-dating the conventional definition of “emo” or any of its permutations, Iconoclast pooled influences from both punk and indie bands of that era. The resulting sound was discordant and crashing, emotional and stirring.


Tragatelo features members of Subsistencia and also play a very powerful style of political thrash with female and male vocalists singing in Spanish.

Do you like Los Crudos? Then you'll love these guys.


As any fan of the ultra-extreme knows, IRON LUNG is a two piece mega-band featuring Reno scene mainstays Jon and Jenson (formerly of a million bands, labels, stores, etc.) Their rumbling, yet raging, take on CROSSED OUT meets GOB power violence is thematic in both lyrical and musical delivery. With the precision of a surgeon and the devastation of an unchecked disease IRON LUNG wreak havoc on any listener smart enough to tune them in and turn them up. It blows my mind that a record can sound both so primitive and so precise at the same time.


Eva 01

Eva-01 is a hardcore / screamo band from Lille, France.Their members are:Clément (Guitar/vocals)Max (Guitar/vocals)Rémi (Vocals/synth)Timoté (Drums/vocals)Anissa (Bass/vocals)To date they have released a split CD with Edison Post, a 3-track CD-R demo (Gehirn Records) and have an upcoming 4-way split 12” record.Eva-01 have played with such acts as Loma Prieta, A.S.T.R.O, The Plague Mass, Words Mean Nothing and Sugartown Cabaret amongst others.

s/t ep

Burned Up Bled Dry

(This review originally appeared in issue #66 of The Crass Menagerie)
These boys are from Arkansas and apparently their idea of Southern Hospitality is to rip your face off with their ferocious grind. I'm still trying to figure out what I am going to do without my face.... BURNED UP BLED DRY's brand of core is an equal mixture of aggression and heaviness. Their punishing onslaught of noise pays homage to the blistering devastation of early 80's hate-core but their delivery is far more in the vein of nineties grindcore. One of the most appealing things about the record is the fact that the tunes, while not sacrificing one iota of power, manage to have some (dare I say it?) hooks. Southern Fried power violence? Could be, you know how them kids from the South are....

Cloned Slaves...

Beneath Low Flying Planes

Screamo from Florida

5 Track EP

The Apoplexy Twist Orchestra

The Apoplexy Twist Orchestra was a german screamo band which existed from 2001 to 2004.

Create The New


Admiral were a DC-style emocore band from Pennsylvania, featuring members who would go on to be in the seminal emo bands Navio Forge and Hoover.

7" (Brother..)

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Screamo/post-hardcore from Leeds(?), UK.


Union Young America

Union Young America is The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.They’re Brylcreem hardcore from Guelph, Ontario.


World Burns To Death

World Burns To Death is a hardcore punk/d-beat band from Austin, Texas. Formed in 2000, the current lineup (as of June, 2006) consists of: Severed Head Of State lead vocalist Jack Control Scorched Earth Policy; Zac Tew, guitar; Craig Merritt, bass; and Jon Guerinot, drums. Current and former members are also involved with other bands, including From Ashes Rise, Kegcharge, The Bulemics, and Krematorium Dogs. World Burns To Death’s singer, Jack Control, was stabbed outside of a show in late January, 2006. The weapon, a 5” knife, barely missed his heart.World Burns To Death take their name from the title of a song by the early 1980s Finnish hardcore punk band Bastards. In addition, the name reflects the band’s apocalyptic imagery and grim outlook on world events. Sometimes the band’s name is abbreviated as WB2D or WBTD.The Finnish band referenced in World Burns To Death’s name also serves to connote the band’s sound: A thrashy, gloom-heavy, driving form of hardcore punk inspired by Scandanavian hardcore bands like Anti-Climex and Riistetyt. As well, World Burns To Death’s music reflects the tradition of ’80s purist American hardcore (Negative Approach and Minor Threat), European bands influenced by, and including, Discharge, and Japanese hardcore punk (Burning Spirits). Also in the mix may be hints of black metal and crust.The earliest World Burns To Death EPs are astonishingly fast and lean more in the direction of Japanese hardcore punk.

The Sucking Of Missile Cock

The Mock Heroic

Contrary to popular belief, screamo isn't dead. Granted, it could very well be crippled and unable to be even a shadow of it's former self, but it isn't dead and will probably never die. Aside from a handful of bands in the States playing the genre well, including Cease Upon the Capitol, Kid Crash, Loma Prieta, and to some extent Comadre, the genre has more or less taken the back seat in the country. The same can be said in Europe, as after the breakup of Raein and the low level of production from La Quiete, things are not what they used to be. Unfortunately, the new crop of screamo bands, regardless of what part of the globe they reside in, are not progressing the genre at all, and this is one of the main reasons screamo is a dying horse that bands are continually beating.The Mock Heroic calls the U.K. home and has their hearts and heads in the right places. Singing songs about animal cruelty, individualism, and social expectations, regardless of how many times other bands have touched on the subjects, is still admirable. The lyrics are straightforward for the most part, and explanations are provided if confusion occurs. It might not be coming from a poet's hand, but they're still something to be appreciated.When it comes to the vocals, The Mock Heroic is able to keep things intense and fast, with yelps and screams mixing together with furious speed. It's surprising to learn the band is a three piece, as the vocals and accompanying music can at times be intensely powerful. There are not many varying elements within the vocal styles, but there doesn't necessarily need to be. The genre is known as screamo for a reason, and The Mock Heroic keeps with the formula.The thing that brings the band down is the music itself. While a certain amount of manic drumming and intricate guitar and bass playing can work, The Mock Heroic relies too heavily upon it. As stated, screamo is dying due to the lack of progression, and Dignified Exists provides no better example of this. Whether intended or not, the band cannot come up with a coherent rhythm or structure to their songs. The band can't keep up with each other and their tempo changes, leading to a very mixed up and confused sound. It's as if the band is trying to keep things technical, but don't have the skills to pull it off.While The Mock Heroic may be keeping screamo on a breathalyzer, they are not doing much to find a cure for the problem. The band's message and their delivery of it are greatly respected, but it comes at the expense of a genre that is struggling to continue to hold it's own. There's hope, but it's continually fleeting.* (scenepointblank)


A hardcore emo band from San Diego that pioneered many elements of screamo in 1991. They thrashed about with a sound like none other. Consisting of Matt Anderson on vocals, with Ron Johnson, Scott Bartiloni and Aaron Montaigne. After they broke up they went on to form and play with bands such as End Of The Line, Antioch Arrow, Spacehorse and Clikatat Ikatowi.

Life At These Speeds

End On End

Life At These Speeds were a band from Portland, Oregon. They play some truly inspiring and driving music. Over the course of the past few years, they’ve toured parts of the US and Europe, and released several recordings on friends’ labels, The Perpetual Motion Machine, Owsla, Waking, Coldbringer, Clean Plate and Level Plane.

End on End formed in Los Angeles in the fall of 1998. Originally having five members, the group became a quartet after guitarist Tony Lee quit the group to concentrate on a career in golf. After releasing a series of demos, as well as split releases with This Engine Burns and Life in Pictures, End on End released its self-titled debut album in the summer of 2000. The band continued to perform around the Los Angeles area, but began to expand its touring horizons. In August 2000, drummer Phil Drazic traded his drumming position for a guitarist spot, making way for Dom Atoigue to join End on End. The band released a 7” EP in May 2001 on Hard Line Records, but it was also at this time that guitarist Jeff Mora grew frustrated with music as a whole and quit. Mora was replaced by Jason Tooley. After a four-week national tour, End on End returned to the studio to record its second album. The band released Why Evolve When We Can Go Sideways in August 2002 on Substandard Records. The band’s line-up continued to fluctuate with Josh, Andy, and Phil being the only permanent members; at one point the band drafted Mike Wetzel and Daniel Poulet from Bleeding Kansas to fill the vacant second guitar and drum positions respectively. The group played with Hot Water Music, Leatherface, and Death by Stereo, among others. End on End held their final show in San Fransisco in the fall of 2007.

End On End / Life At These Speeds