Thursday, September 03, 2009

World Burns To Death

World Burns To Death is a hardcore punk/d-beat band from Austin, Texas. Formed in 2000, the current lineup (as of June, 2006) consists of: Severed Head Of State lead vocalist Jack Control Scorched Earth Policy; Zac Tew, guitar; Craig Merritt, bass; and Jon Guerinot, drums. Current and former members are also involved with other bands, including From Ashes Rise, Kegcharge, The Bulemics, and Krematorium Dogs. World Burns To Death’s singer, Jack Control, was stabbed outside of a show in late January, 2006. The weapon, a 5” knife, barely missed his heart.World Burns To Death take their name from the title of a song by the early 1980s Finnish hardcore punk band Bastards. In addition, the name reflects the band’s apocalyptic imagery and grim outlook on world events. Sometimes the band’s name is abbreviated as WB2D or WBTD.The Finnish band referenced in World Burns To Death’s name also serves to connote the band’s sound: A thrashy, gloom-heavy, driving form of hardcore punk inspired by Scandanavian hardcore bands like Anti-Climex and Riistetyt. As well, World Burns To Death’s music reflects the tradition of ’80s purist American hardcore (Negative Approach and Minor Threat), European bands influenced by, and including, Discharge, and Japanese hardcore punk (Burning Spirits). Also in the mix may be hints of black metal and crust.The earliest World Burns To Death EPs are astonishingly fast and lean more in the direction of Japanese hardcore punk.

The Sucking Of Missile Cock


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