Friday, September 04, 2009


Iconoclast formed in the early 90’s in New Jersey amidst a flourishing of diverse hardcore bands, such as Rorshach, Born Against, 1.6 band, Native Nod, Policy of 3, Merel, Greyhouse, Chisel. They recorded their self-titled first 7” for the Ebullition label, followed by a split 7” with the band Merel. Ebullition also released their ‘Groundlessness of Belief’ 7” and a discography on CD. Their last recording of new material before breaking up in 1994 was a split double 7” with the German band Abyss, released post mortem on Old Glory Records.Kent McClard of Ebullition describes them as, “powerful and energetic hardcore that combined the power and aggression of more traditional hardcore with the emotion of more melodic and passionate ’90s hardcore.” Pre-dating the conventional definition of “emo” or any of its permutations, Iconoclast pooled influences from both punk and indie bands of that era. The resulting sound was discordant and crashing, emotional and stirring.


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