Sunday, August 24, 2008


Katyn is an emoviolence band from Germany.


Asterisk* (or “a*” as they have been called occasionally) was formed inUmeå, northern Sweden out of pure boredom in the autumn of 99 (possibly theonly grindcore band ever to arise from that area). The participants were fedup with (slow) punk and metal bands and seemed to want to create somethingnew while still playing as fast as they possibly could. Influencesfrequently named by the band were Slayer, Ruins and minimalist composerArnold Dreyblatt. The three members of the band (often named as thepseudonyms “angel”, “beetle” and “rose”, which are all connected to tattoos)shared a love for philosophy, video games and “flubber” riffs (an owninvention, listen to the song “Silver (bullet) bible” for references).Asterisk* started their career with an LP (Dogma I) in 2000, then made asplit 7” (Dogma II) with Nasum and a split 10” (Dogma III) with JennyPiccolo in early 2001. Asterisk* also appeared on some more or lesshilarious compilations during these two years. Live performances however,were very rare and the band never went on tour or played out of the northernregion of Sweden. The vinyl releases were all inspired lyrically by specificthemes such as the effort of human speech, French philosophy and angels. In2002 the band slipped into hiatus and it is very unclear at this point ifthe band ever will continue to make music.


Do you remember when the Rye Coalition were amazing?


The Italian Song Of Zarathustra!!!!!

Friday, August 08, 2008

In Tongues were a post-hardcore/screamo outfit out of Louisville, Kentucky featuring two members from Kodan Armada and formed immediately after the aforementioned bands demise. They only released two records before they split (a demo and a split 7" with lords). The signature guitar as well as the shouty passionate vocals prominent in Kodan Armada are again prominent in In Tongues due to them having the same lead guitarist and lead vocalist from Kodan. They were most active from 2005-2006 and finally anounced their breakup in early 2008. The guitarist is now in Prideswallower which other previous kodan armada members are in as well even though theyre sound is nothing like kodan, more like pissed off abrasive hardcore. Anyways,

Split 7" with Lords and Demo

Adonis Battlefield - S/T 7" and D'Amore Split

Adonis Battlefield was a band for only a brief period of time from 2003-2005. They played pg.99 influenced screamo with a much more abrasive and chaotic sound.


Thursday, August 07, 2008

Griver LP-Pre Milemarker like a cross between Sleepy Time Trio and Hal Al Shedad.(stackablecorpse)