Tuesday, September 08, 2009

(For some unknown reason I can't upload images today!)

Heartattack 10

This LP compilation started out as a benefit for Heartattack 'zine. I ended up getting far too much interest in the project, and half of the bands were moved to the Amnesia compilation.
The HeartattaCk #10 LP comes with a fold out cover, a 24 page booklet, and they were all pressed on yellow vinyl. The booklet includes band info and also contributions from various people that worked on HeartattaCk at the time.
Featuring: Shotmaker, Union of Uranus, Amber Inn, Ex-Ignota, Manrae, Fisticuffs Bluff, Incurable Complaint, Jihad, K.A.S.H., Skyskraper, and Loomis Slovak.
(Taken From Ebullition)