Monday, December 31, 2007

Carbomb / The Fisticuffs Bluff 7''

Two very under-rated bands on one very under-rated split 7''.

The Great Unraveling - The Angle Rang Virtue 7''


The Pine / La Quiete

Classic split 7'' featuring Italy's La Quiete and one of the best bands ever.... The Pine.


Friday, December 28, 2007

Wayfarers All

Another decent comp featuring...

Life At These Speeds, The Pine, True Feedback Story, Liza Kate, La Quiete, Sinaloa, Wilderness Medicine, The Shivering, Reactionary 3, Hit Self Destruct, Stop It!!, and Big Little Torso.


Eucalyptus 2 x 7''

Amazing old comp featuring.....

Indian Summer, Current, Allure, Shroom Union, Boilermaker, Embassy, and Julia.


The Microwave Says To The Pacemaker

2 x 7'' featuring......
The Death Of Anna Karina, Rats Into Robots, Kodan Armada, If It Doesn't Kill You, The Assailant, La Quiete, Phoenix Bodies, and Die, Emperor! Die!


Thursday, December 27, 2007

Spanakorzo-Headdress CD
This is a recording of their fourth practice. There are special guests and this EP feels incredibly complete to be a practice recording. A hint of whats was to come, oh and this is has a different singer, I'm away on holiday so I can't check the liner notes.(stackablecorpse)

Headress EP

Friday, December 21, 2007

Spanakorzo was a flame rising from the embers of San Diego's distinctive and highly influential music scene. Featuring members of Swing Kids, Second Story Window, and Sweep The Leg Johnny. Spanakorzo brought the delay, creepy misery, and scorn of Joy Division together with the brash art-punk decadence of Antioch Arrow
If you think that you can describe Spanakorzo completely, you just haven't listened long enough. The music can be beautiful and soft, it can be smooth yet heavy, and then it can be downright manic and insane. We don't envy the band that plays after Spanakorzo, and certainly don't understand the person who claims to understand Spanakorzo. We do enjoy the person who enjoys Spanakorzo.


This NY band play crazed hardcore that goes from drony and driving, to a full out thrash assault. Superspazzy and energetic with crazy high-pitched ear piercing vocals that go 200 mph.

Just try to imagine Miss Piggy doing vocals for a spazzy hardcore band!


Thursday, December 13, 2007


"This emo band play excellent emotional-charged, intense music I've heard from this genre in a while. Soft parts into explosive, dramatic harsh screaming parts. Reminds me of a cross between Grade and Native Nod. Rad." - Very.

"The packaging is the best that I've seen in a long time. The music is absolutely top notch screamy hardcore, very much like Cable. A lot of work went into this release and it deserves all the recognition possible. Impressive." - Lumberjack.



I don't know much about this band - sorta sounds like Sleepytime Trio, 400 Years, Shotmaker, The Red Scare, etc:


Seven tracks of screeching, thrashing screamo insanity from Texas. Like IN/HUMANITY if they recorded a diseased pop album in a slaughterhouse. It is pretty diverse on the changes...grindy,then changing to weird droning hardcore then blending into emotional discordant breaks. One of the most interesting elements is the vocals, which takes the ultra shriek to new heights of ear piercing frequency! Fans of JEROME'S DREAM, BLOOD BROTHERS, and THE LOCUST take note.

Generation Of Vipers MCD

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Map Says We're Fucked
is a band from South Carolina who just happens shred at life. The seamlessly blend elements of punk, metal and grind without coming across as "myspace metal". Their main influences are Reversal of Man, Pg.99 and Screeching Weasel. Even though they are on indefinite hiatus something tells me this isn't the end. take 10 minutes out of your day and give these awesome dudes a listen. Ex-members of Mitchell, Choke the Rivers..., and The Looming Tower.(stackablecorpse)
8 Song Demo(N)

I know absolutely nothing about this amazing screamo band but this is what someone from Musicbanter said about them. Don't know if it's true or not.

"Their guitarists went on to be in Crash Smash Explode and were in Owltian Mia. Their drummer is now in 1888 and i think was in a band called Third Age in Massachusetts around '93 before joining The Candyland Carcrash in Virginia Beach."

Seven Inch (plus their side of the split with Seraphim)

You may well have expected folks from bands like Murdoch and I, Robot to have hung up their screamo sixshooters and traipsed down some mellower musical route like many of their peers, but the Exelar are refreshingly caustic, coming at you with eyes blazing and fangs bared, scrabbling through these six songs much like a rangier version of Takaru or a less weepy Spirit of Versailles. Each one’s a manic blast of scruffy emo-hardcore, chock-full of noisy bangs, scrapes and tumbles that barely keep themselves together for long enough to kick you in the teeth. The experience is a jarring, nerve-shredding one, suggesting a band that’s not just baying for blood but using any means at their disposal to get it. *

Vinyl rip.

* Taken from Collective-zine review

Saturday, December 08, 2007


Dark and gloomy hardcore in the Rorschach/Gravity vein. Aggressive & pessimistic, owing to hardcore, death metal, Discharge and the Big Black sound; no simple crust/grind machine gun stuff. Somehow they even manage to sneak in some melodies which makes the songs much more memorable.

Fifteen Counts Of Arson is HHIG's debut album released on Prank Records.

Thanks goes out to Stackablecorpse for all the awesome updates.

Friday, December 07, 2007

Ex-unwound, chaotic and deranged.
Complete Works of Worst Case Scenario
THE FAREWELL ORDER- Comparable to bands like Creation is Crucifixion and Pre-Mike Patton Dillinger Escape Plan THE FAREWELL ORDER blasts through 6 songs in 13:30 minutes. Formed after the demise of Born Under Saturn, this band expands on their influences and creates something way more sinister and unsettling. Recommended if you like Creation is Crucifixion, Enkephalin, and Dillinger Escape Plan. (stackablecorpse)
The Farewell Order-Araby EP

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

The Last Crime is members of the 1.6 Band playing dark epic emotive hardcore, its got everything you're looking for in a record, layered guitars, spoken/screamed vocals and the type of song writing that makes you feel that you've been somewhere even though you haven't. It's hard to believe that this record is 10 years old.
For Fans of: Closure, Anasarca, Envy, Welcome the Plague Year,and Breakwater
The Last Crime
This band has been described as The Locust without Blast beats, Its just one of the records that feels like its slowly crawling on you when you listen to it but you like the way it feels. Their sound is characterized by mid tempo groves, savage female vocals and eerie keyboards that lay on top of the music. "You'll burn and weep and suffer..."
Durga-7Inch (iTunes Format)
Ereshkigal: This band is the soundtrack to worst day of your life. Black metal influenced guitar, bitter lyrics written with hate and blood, female vocals that say every line with bitterness and contempt, this is not your little sister's emo. This band came from the midwest and destroyed. Recommended for fans of Acrid, Spread the Disease, Converge. Standout Tracks: Throats Get Slit, My Landlord Will Be the First to Die ( The last song skips sorry) They also have a split 10 inch with Infinity Dive
Ereshkigal-7 inch

Jonah was a band from Canada that played fierce hardcore. Comparisons can definitely be made to other Canadian bands of the time such as Drift, Holocron and the untouchable One Eyed God Prophecy. The band did a S/t 7" and 2 split 7"s with Drift and the Weak Link Breaks( Pre-Engine Down). Scans of the Record are included in the zip file. Files are also in iTunes format.
Jonah-St 7" on anima records

Blowup...This is members of Remingtin (West Fucking Triad) with keyboards ands speaker busting bass blasts. They were able to take the Devo-on-Crack element that The Locust had and make it more atmospheric and sinister without sounding generic. This may still be floating around in distros as it was one of the best cd's that Blood of the Young ever did besides the Makara Discography. Recommended for fans of: Black Castle, The Locust, The Disease, The Faint. Stand out Tracks: Super Mario Fuckers, Polyester Shrinkwrap Skeleton, Reprise (remingtin-fuck this city remix from book of dead names split)
Blow Up-S/T
I really don't know much about the band -tion except that they rule and were the most destructive band I've ever seen live.(stackablecorpse)

Tion- Symmetry Makes Me Calm 7"

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