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Spring 1999. Mark and Maurice decide to start a new band beside Office Killer. They ask Michael and Bas to join. The name SHIKARI (Japanese for bodyhunters) makes it appearance. Obvious musical influences from bands such as Mohinder and Union of Uranus. 2000. First gig in local youthcenter Simplon (Groningen, Netherlands) in January. In February the first recordings (8 songs) are made in the Kuschelrock Studio in Bremen, and are released on Deadlock Records in December as the “Robot Wars” 10”.2001. February: six songs are recorded in the Kuschelrock for a split 10” with Seein’ Red from Amersfoort. Another 3 songs for extras (the song Biela for a Spanish compilation, an Unbroken cover and another). June: 4 songs are recorded in Kuschelrock for a 7” EP to be released on Throne Records from Spain. September: Shikari joins AÇÃO DIRETA from Brasil on some dates in East-Germoney and Czech Republic. On 25 November is recorded 1 live-song (Ons Land) for the “Maximaal Onthaal” compilation CD on Royal Blood Records from Amsterdam. On 14-15 December the complete 10” (split with Seein’ Red) recording session is re-recorded because of deletion of the original tracks… 2 Songs won’t make the eventual release. 2002. April/May: UK Tour with Seein’ Red. Due to constant delays of the split 10” release, Seein’ Red and SHIKARI decide to make a special UK tour mini-CD. This CD contains the Shikari and Seein’red songs that were especially recorded for the (canceled) Spanish compilation. May: the planned 7” EP on Throne Records is withdrawn and will be released by Level Plane from the USA instead. August: the split 10” with Seein’red is released. November: the 7” EP is released in the USA. The European pressing will be done by Nova in 2003. 2003. The European release of the 7” is canceled because of bad pressing/quality. The US pressing will not be repressed. Instead, a CDEP will be released with the same songs and a videoconcert (look here for one song). March: 3 songs are recorded in the Kuschelrock for a split 7” EP with SIN DIOS on La Idea from Madrid. October: The CDEP gets officially released.2004. The split 7” with Sin Dios is postponed. 2 songs will be used for a split 7” with Phoenix Bodies instead, and is released in May by Electric Human Project. 7th and 8th April recorded 6 songs for the SIN DIOS split 7” and LOUIS CYPHRE split 9”. In August the “Your Revolution Is Not Much More Than A Piece Of Paper” tape is released by Antagonia Difision/Rebirth Records in Chili. In september the “1999-2003” compilation CD is released on Level Plane Records. The songs for the SIN DIOS 7” are used for a split 7” with ACAO DIRETA from Brasil. 2005. The “1999-2004” tape is released in Malaysia. Shikari split up in January and the final gig took place on 7th May in the Simplon venue (where also the very first concert was done). The split 9” with Louise Cyphre from Germany came out in July. WHERE ARE THEY NOW? Bas is now cooling down in a bluesband, Maurice jamming away in some garagerock and stoner projects, Mark still trying to work out a serious band and Michael going strong with Makiladoras.July 2006 update: Maurice is playing guitar in a new band called MARAT. Mark is singing in Grinding Halt. Makiladoras did their final gig in June so Michael is bandless for the moment. December 2008 update: Rumor has it that they might come back together and play at the Cry Me A River Festival in Germany in 2009 SHIKARI Line-Up Bas - bass (ex-Disengage, ex-One Day Closer)Mark - vocals (ex-Office Killer, ex-Orwell Nation, Grinding Halt)Maurice - guitar (ex-Office Killer)Michael - drums (ex-Puinhoop (voc), ex-Bloedbad (voc), ex-R.O.Conspiracy (voc), ex-Catweazle, ex-Tuco Ramirez, ex-PCP, ex-Makiladoras).

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Robot wars 10"


ex-members of The Assistant, In First Person, and others. technical, passionate, emotional metallic hardcore. some of the best in the genre.

s/t cd

Ethel Merserve

“The now defunct Ethel Meserve hailed from State College, PA, where they established themselves as a powerful yet soothing four-piece rock group. Owning a debt to Kerosene 454 and June of 44, these guys arrange the typical guitar, bass, and drums, and add a soft textures of clarinet, twelve-string guitar, tambourine, and some poetry to create their own realm. Ethel Meserve released their first full-length record, The Milton Abandonment, in November of 1997. Though the record contains just six songs, each is like a meandering path clocking in at seven minutes per. The band broke up in 1998 and Tree issued the posthumous Spelling the Names in 2000.”


D.S.-13 (Demon System 13) were a hardcore punk/thrashcore band hailing from Umeå, Sweden, formed around 1995. The band existed to 2002.



"my first band was called baby harp seal, we played from 93 - 96 when we broke up because of egos (mostly mine). we played kind of emo music, but not really - we were into hoover and fugazi and heroin, and two of us had a led zep fixation. we did a few 7 inches and one album, which i still listen to now and then. some parts make me cringe, and some parts make me nostalgic. with hindsight, i’m quite proud of it. it was what it was, some lads in their early twenties being a bit pretentious. sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn’t. I was gratified to see on last fm that someone is still listening to it on their computer - i don’t know how it got there because we only ever released vinyl. happy days though, happy days… As someone else wrote above, it put me on the path i’m on now, nearly fifteen years later, and has, so far at least, given me a nice, if impovershed, life.” seth

Polaris were Leeds based and existed from 1993-2006. They were a seminal experimental hardcore act with unusual song structures and a preference for complicated rhythms and beautiful gutiar interplay. They produced 2 full length albums as well as a few single and compilation appearances. They excelled live where their obsessively good musicianship and re-interpretation of their own material ensured that their gigs were, more often than not, outstanding.


1905 was a political melodic hardcore punk band from Washington, DC that started in 2000, played a few shows, had a line-up change in the summer of 2001 (adding a new bass player to the mix), regrouped and reworked some things, and played rather consistently since October 2001 until they broke up. The lyrics address the politics of our everyday lives and how the individual plays an important part in the greater scheme of things. These lyrics are conveyed through female and male vocals. The vocals go between singing and screaming. The music has a distinct feel to it and there is definitely a great deal of emotion poured into it. 1905 now has a full length CD called Voice on Exotic Fever Records.

7" (Voice)


Stampeding hardcore charge-waltzing back and forth between stripped-down, straight-ahead thrashing to pensive mid-tempo breaks and edges sheened with melody and discordance. Vocalist Lyz and guitarist Kevin were in Antischismand Initial State and this served as a precursor to Kevin forming Guyana Punch Line.

7" ep

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Vollume 11-Prole Art Threat 12" and side of Gasp split7"

Prole Art Threat 12"
"Six of the songs were recorded live on the radio back in 1997 (great sound quality), while the last song is a studio track recorded in 1999. Most of Volume Eleven members were once in a band called Honeywell, and while there are some similarities Volume Eleven is certainly way more on the audio freak out tip" -Hand Held Heart

Gasp Split 7"
One of those ultra rare kill you mother and 4 orphans for it Witching Hour Records releases. I was lucky to borrow it from a friend to rip the audio. I think when we saw this in the record store we played rock, paper, scissors for it.(stack-C)