Tuesday, September 30, 2008


12 d.i.y. hardcore bands from Canada and America.

6 on the north side of the 49th parallel 6 on the south side of the 49th.

Hardcore 1997 style in all its variations from acoustic to abrasive.

Hailed now as a classic document of 90's Hardcore.

Originally released on CD in brown paper bags with handstamped covers and xerox inserts.

FEAT.... Swallowing Shit, Still Life, Karenza, Tho Ko Losi, Eliot Rosewater, MK-Ultra, Acrid, Three Studies For A Crucifixion, Submission Hold, Inept, Gates Of Dawn, Resin and Heautontimorumenus.


Carlisle began originally as the band Adversary in 95’ with members Ryan D (vox), Zach (drums), Brain (Guitar), Jeff (bass). Adversary soon broke up when Jeff left to be in Reversal Of Man and others went on to their bands such as Rosalind. In 96’ Rosalind broke up and members of Rosalind went on to be in the first incarnation of Carlisle. Two year later Carlisle broke up. A discography of all their material has been released through IFB Records and has gained them some noteriety among the kids in the emotive hardcore scene.


French political hardcore.



Anton Bordman plays frantic, chaotic emo-thrash-hardcore that pulses and hums with vibrant energy and political outrage; aggressive, intelligent, and entertaining.

epic screamo/hardcore from northern california, started early in 2006. I think this maybe their only release.


German screamo at it's best.


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

(evil woman)


Is this the greatest name for a band? I think so.....

Hardcore punk from British Columbia, Canada.


Featuring a rhythm section who went on to help form New Jersey’s brilliant Rye Coalition, Merel played chaotic, abrasive, and quite loud experimental hardcore that separated itself from the norm with its unlikely musical creativity. Fierce vocals lead the way, and they are actually relatively understandable while still being quite aggressively screamed. The band toys with both straight-ahead hardcore and a much more explosive style comparable to a completely untamed Rye Coalition. The experimental tracks are culled mostly from the band’s only full-length, while the earlier recordings show the more untamed but straightforward approach.


Petethepiratesquid is a screamo / post-hardcore four-piece from Dresden and Berlin, Germany and Malmoe, Sweden that has been playing music since March 2002.

Don't Correct Me If I'm Wrong


The Great Redneck Hope (TGRH) formed in 2000 with only Dan Harvey and Jeremy Grobsmith as the only members. After writing a 7 song set they played their first show, recruiting their original vocalist Derek Barnett only 1 day before the first show. After that show Aaron Retka joined the band as the bass player. Aaron Retka then recorded a 3” demo, which sounded pretty bad, and they toured on it for some time. They then released “Why Humans Think Computers Can’t” (recorded by porkchop of Catheter fame) which showed a primitive TGRH with vocalist Derek Barnett not yet perfecting his vocal style. That album formed the basis of TGRH’s sound and in 2003, they released “‘Splosion” (recorded by Stan Wood at Volume Studios Chicago, IL) which featured 9 songs with a more perfected vocal attack and increased musicianship but sub-par recording quality. After extensive touring through out all recordings, they released “Behold The Fuck Thunder!” which was recorded at God City (Kurt Ballou of Converge fame) and reflects the bands most polished instrumentation and best recording quality. After much touring after “Behold…” Derek Barnett parted ways with TGRH and they adopted a new vocalist, Bradley Roach. They toured a few more times and played SXSW with Bradley Roach but never recorded with him. After their winter 2006 tour, bassist Aaron Retka left the band and The Great Redneck Hope went on hiatus looking for another bass player. They played local shows for a while after finding a new bass player until sadly going on haiatus in early 2007. Since then they have constructed other projects such as Thruster (Doom) Lorito Opens His Beak (Indie) Sawed Off (Chuggity Chug).


Bunch of scroungy kids from Bakersfield, CA that play some truly righteous emotional music in the vein of Hated, Evergreen, and some other bands that shared those same characteristics.


An influental screamo band yielding from Canada.


(from the Level Plane Records website)

Expose the Spies…

Destroy the Myth…

Reform the Continent…

Descending like a Tsunami crushing all in it’s wake, the State Secedes is the culmination and realization of the dreams and struggles of early 20th century secret societies which have included, but are not limited to, the The Young Reformationist Party, The Pangean Brotherhood and most noticeably, The Black Hand Party. The State’s message and intent is better spoken of over more secure channels, but the method which the State uses to convey such things is at once epic, urgent and truly awe-inspiring. The philosophy championed by the State cannot be fully conveyed in the traditional realm of “music” and even less within the confines of what some label “hardcore”, thus tradition needed be forsaken to fully realize all that the State Secedes embodies. Truly I say to you that the methods which the State employ are not for the weak of heart, nor do the State care to cater to those who’s media over-exposure has rendered their attention and ability to discern non-truths to mind-numbing lows. For those of us that are lost, it is apparent that the struggle ceased far before it began. Conversely, for those few of us with the strength of character to see past the smoke and mirrors which have been imposed upon us for generations, the State Secedes beckons for us to rally beneath it’s banner. Full enlightenment will be rewarded to those lucky few. It will be as if heaven itself descended and sowed the seeds of understanding within our fragile, newly liberated minds where those seeds may find purchase. No longer shall our perception be sullied by profane urges andempty goals. We shall overcome. We are the State Secedes.


A very heavy Hardcore Punk band in the vein of Tragedy and His Hero is Gone. Influence of earlier punk and crust bands are apparent. Ex-members of Combatwoundedveteran, an amazing, and now defunct, screamo/grind/awesome band.

Monday, September 08, 2008


Undertow was a straight edge hardcore band from Seattle, Washington active during the early-mid 1990s. They were one of the first bands to combine elements of heavy metal with hardcore in order to create a unique heavy hardcore sound. They released material on Indecision Records, Bloodlink Records, Excursion Records, and Overkill Records. Indecision Records recently released a comprehensive discography titled Everything, which features 28 tracks spanning Undertow’s entire active period with John Pettibone on vocals…

at both ends

I should hate this band but I don't. One of the only sXe bands I like.


The Saddest Landscape play an authentic style of emo, combining influences from the original “emo” sound with the more chaotic sounds of the later “screamo” bands of the 90s.

The Sound Of The Spectacle


Hardcore punk band based in Montréal. Their music is usually said to be heavily inspired by Amebix and Motörhead, particularly with respect to the gravelly vocal style used on their later releases, though they have a unique driving, rhythmic sound of their own. They have released three full-length albums, a 10” reissue of their demo, and a number of 7” EPs and split EPs.



emo/hardcore band from Switzerland. Similiar to Indian Summer, Policy Of 3, Hot Water Music.


Underrated 90's emo from Atlanta, Georgia. They remind me of a heavier sounding Dischord sound.

Amazing hardcore from the land of the wooden clog.
This 7" is a bit confusing hence the song titles. I didn't know which side was A or B.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008


The following is the only review I could find of this great 12". I think it is worth more than 6/10. I'd give it 8/10.

14 short tracks (averaging just over a minute each) of tight and rhythmic material that's hard to pin down into any single category. Certain aspects are heavier and more driving, comparable to early Boy Sets Fire or something of that nature, the thicker chord progressions that mess with some abstract melody have a major post-hardcore ring to 'em (see the awesome "Lemmings"), the faster and more abrasive moments lean towards what I can't help but refer to as "screamo" leanings, etc. But for the most part this stuff is very tight and well performed, and I really like the straight yelling vocals a lot. Hell, the intro to "Marching Orders" even has a metal slant, with a killer little dissonant riff over slow and thick power chords. The production is fairly strong for what they've got going on. I fucking love the bass tone, it's thick and well defined, playing an enormous role in the center of the mix. The guitars are slightly dirty and do have an unusual twist to their distortion, but I don't mind. The vocals and drums sound pretty much dead on. I suppose the only thing I might tweak then would be those guitars... but they really don't need a great deal of attention. Visually everything looks great. The packaging is printed on matte paper with clean, bold text over some nice photographs of dirty cityscapes, and all of the lyrics are included. Lyrically things are pretty personal, but the approach isn't so bad at all. "Left to die in a world we killed, and there is no way out. Locked inside the jails we built and we've lost the key. No way out. But our time is over, and we'll fade away. Our time is over, as we fade away, the earth will swallow us, and begin again." If you really like this type of music then I would definitely recommend this disc. I'm pickier than most when it comes to this style, and my appreciation for it can be limited. I liked their "Distress Signals" 7" a bit more, but I think that's just because it was really concise. I still feel that the performance here is tight and generally pretty intense, and I do enjoy a lot of it, so... (6/10)



"Orgiastic" was the first adjective that came to mind in describing the Textbook Traitors, a hardcore band from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The next adjective, and equally applicable, was "passionate." This is, most likely, one of the most passionate bands you will ever hear, and by that, i mean passion spews, much like the singer's screams, in fits of emotion. With a similar style to bands such as Orchid and PG.99, the Textbook Traitors are set apart by their uncanny ability to blend chaos, spasticity, and danceable melody. The five artists that make up the Textbook Traitors produce everything you could ask for in a hardcore album. You Pull the Strings That Make Us Dance is a six song, fifteen minute whirlwind of emotion.The production on this album is flawless. While the bass is certainly quiet, it's just loud enough to offset the shrilling guitars and piercing screams; the perfect mix for a hardcore album. "Siamese Separation Catastrophe" features dueling vocals that attack the listener from, seemingly, either side of you. The third track is definitely a stand-out. "Force Fed Voices" is a perfect fusion of meaningful lyrics, catchy instrumentation, and the aforementioned passion, with an ending that will be sure to send chills down your spine.Right away, "Fine Day to Die" knocks you off your feet with the intensity this band is oh so good at. The drums are really top-notch throughout, from the groovy beats in "From Counting to Calculus" that build up to a crushingly epic chorus, to the insane technicality in "Anatomy of a Teenage Hit List." The only complaint musicianship wise would have to be the bass, which follows the guitars note for note, save one or two special moments like in "Anatomy of a Teenage Hitlist" where the instruments die off until a bass line glides the music into a memorable breakdown.There is not one single song on the EP that lags. Even the final track, "This is My Speech Act," is certainly not one you should overlook; it ends in perfect, haunting conclusion, and leaves you breathless and wanting more. If ever there was an overlooked hardcore band, it would be this one. While their future is unsure, their sound will unmistakable last. Fans of Orchid, prepare to be blown away with the Textbook Traitors, so put on "Force Fed Voices" and crank that sh*t up!

You Pull The Strings


Swallowing Shit was possibly one of the most extreme musical projects ever to come out of the prairie wasteland known as Winnipeg - unrelenting and hideous, their particular brand of political grindcore remains in a league of its own.Swallowing Shit’s last show occurred June, 1997, at the West End Cultural Centre in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Picketed and stormed by nearly 300 Christians angered by their smash radio hit “Pro-Abortion, Anti-Christ”, the show signaled the end of an era in Winnipeg, as the band were subsequently banned from public performance by city council, citing an obscure and hitherto unenforced 103-year old civic ordinance criminalizing challenges to the authority of the Church within city limits.Many of the ever-changing membership are still active in the Winnipeg music scene. Todd (guitar) plays bass for Propagandhi, Mike (vocals) sings for Head Hits Concrete and books shows in Winnipeg, Jahmeel (bass) is sings and plays bass in Projektor, and Cory (drums) continues to play drums for Malefaction.


Cease Upon The Capitol / Silbato

CEASE UPON THE CAPITOL is a band from Nashville, Tennessee. They play screamo/punk like La Quiete, Raein & Envy.

SILBATO is amazing Italian (?) screamo.


Baby Harp Seal / Kosjer D

BHS = Emo sounding like Bob Tilton / Ordination Of Aaron from somewhere up North.

KD = ??????? (From Belgium - maybe?) Can't really describe them as their side to this 7" is a remix.

This is often mistaken on Soulseek as a BHS 7" with the KD side being a remixed BHS song called KD!


Bury Me Standing / Madeline Ferguson

I'm sad to say I can't find anything about Bury Me Standing but...

Madeline Ferguson is a now defunct metal/hardcore/post hardcore band from Albany, NY. During one of their many incarnations they managed a U.S. tour and several shows and recordings that kept getting better and better and earned them quite a bit of respect and friends along the way. Although no longer together Most of them have gone on to other bands. Dave plays in Struction, Mike formed and played in End of a Year and now Eight Miles High, and Juustin runs Slave Union Records full time. Ace is in school and Scott is around somewhere.