Tuesday, January 29, 2008


I only bought this 7'' because the band were called Little Milton. (My last name is Milton and as my friends like to point out I'm short - but at least I'm still taller than Fluff).
I was super stoked to find out these guys are an amazing German screamy hardcore band.
I think this might be their only release.


$12 on eBay!!!!!!!!!

Sorta felt guilty paying some kid who didn't know what he was doing only $12 for these 3 pieces of amazing hardcore. I have 3 hours left on 3 other items he is selling. Obviously, I'm not gonna tell you what they are. I don't want any of you out-bidding me! But I will be posting them as soon as they arrive.

Usurp Synapse.

True Feedback Story.


Wednesday, January 23, 2008


This was and still is my fav compilation. I played this non-stop when I first recieved it direct from Mountain when it first came out. This still sounds great today.

"HOLY SHIT! This is what a compilation should be like. Very reminiscent of early Ebullition releases. It excites me to see a compilation with a purpose! This compilation is raising funds to encourage the abolition of the death penalty worldwide. An incredible booklet (similar to the Give Me Back compilation or the Downcast LP) with tons of information (footnotes to boot) and suggestions on ways to do your part and get involved. As for the music (who really cares at this point), there are a few standouts in my opinion. Botch really tears shit up with an incredible song. Milhouse and In/humanity also contribute good songs. Other featured bands are Merrimac, Amber Inn, Closure, Guyver-One, Breakwater, Slow Side Down, Bor, Perilisium Cantos and Curll. Lest I forget the magnificent cover art work?! The depiction of a direct action stoppage of a public beheading. Genius. ACTION IS EVERYTHING!! Get this, it deserves your support." Heartattack #14)

part 1
Part 2
Catena Collapse - Tour CDR

Bought this when I saw these guys rock Brighton.


Wow, Owls / The Set Up

Pretty cool split 7'' with superb elephant shaped sleeve.


7" comp featuring Corn On Macabre, Textbook Traitors, Crimson Spectre, and Witchcraft By A Picture.


Thursday, January 17, 2008


Japanese (?) comp featuring.......

Forcefedglass, The Sutek Conspiracy, Devola, Spirit Of Versailles, I Robot, Racebannon and so many more.


Bob Tilton - Songs Of Penknife And Pocket Watch (7'')

Classic UK 90's emo.

A Light In The Attic / Takaru Split

There are a number of interesting sounds on this split. Takaru blend harsh melodies, grinding guitars, and full bore vocals together to create a catchy metallic sound. The solid tempos and slight change-ups give it a distinct hardcore sound. Though there is a good dose of metal here, Takaru are not a metal band. Instead they remind me of Union Of Uranus in a way. A Light In The Attic plays heavy modern hardcore with a few screamo elements. Overflowing with big, crashing elements, these songs push at your ears. Guitars moved through intricate, noisy, and melodic moments with a seamless quality that makes all these songs appealing. *


*Review from Heartattack 39

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Strikeforce Diablo-4 song ep
I don't really know how to decribe this band, it's good, rockin but not in a bar band kind of way. check it out its really short and sweet. (sc)
do it!
Early Grace-11 Songs
Take the sound of early Cave-in and make it less metal and more hardcore. One of the most underrated bands out of Florida.(sc)
Do it

Monday, January 14, 2008


Featuring ex-Shotmaker. Sounds like a heavier Rainer Maria - but don't let that put you off.



I know nothing about Tetsuo except that they came from The Windy City.
Any info would be good.
If anyone has the split with Brass Knuckles For Tough Guys I'd like a copy.


BOB TILTON - Peel Sessions


Sunday, January 13, 2008

The GTC-
The GTC is easily one of the most chaotic bands ever, take Constatine Sinkathi and add a pinch of grind and nuttyness and you have the GTC. Members of Air Conditioning. (sc)
City of Caterpillar-2 unreleased live songs
2 live songs that's all i'm saying.(sc)

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Francis Brady / Eaves

Split 7'' featuring two German screamy hardcore bands.


Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Insult to Injury (South Carolina)-
Were an awesome 3 piece who played Assfactor 4 influenced hardcore, this out of print 7inch got them an LP released on Belladonna Records before they split up. Stand song: Sedative
Jihad-New Testament 7"
This band did not play around when it came to releasing some of the most aggressive emo/hardcore. This material shows the band just hitting its stride the last 3 songs show the band's growth. (stackablecorpse)
Black Castle/Night Wounds
Black Castle needs no introduction this is the last song they released and it continues their Song of Zarathustra on speed brand of chaos, Their song is one not to listen to with the lights out, I know these dudes personally and this is one creepy song. Nightwounds is sick art damaged frustration and they titled their song correctly check it out. (stackablecorpse)
BC/NW 7"

Fuel - Monuments To Excess

This is an original album rip. This has been re-released on CD with extra tracks. Hunt it down.

Rinse-7inch and Comp Song
Members of Prevail expand on their sound, with female vocals on one song and lyrics that we can all relate too. This band also has a member of the legendary Hassan I Sabbah. (stackablecorpse)
Bomb's Lullabye-
This EP features members of the influential band Constatine Sinkathi, I like to think of this record as a continuation of that sound. This record makes me happy and sad at the same time because the members may never know the impact that they had on hardcore. The best song on here is "Whenever Bows Pellucid Love" you owe it to yourself to check this out. Still available from councilrecords.com (maybe Matt Weeks will reconsider ending that great label.) .
Bombs Lullabye
The Exploder-Cut the Cord EP
The other day me and some friends had a discussion about Richmond Virginia bands rocking harder than any other bands on the east coast, The Exploder is on in a very long list of bands that proves this hypothesis. Take the manic, destructive, stylish energy of the early San Diego scene and mix it the calculating songwriting of the D.C. scene and you have The Exploder. Features members of Strike Anywhere. (stackablecorpse)
Cut The Cord
The Never Never
This is one of the most overlooked bands on Hydra Head Records the other being Boxer Rebellion. This band which features the singer from the Huguenots and 7% Solution is comparable to Okara, mathy, swingy, and smart. Definitely worth checking out and if you can find it buy it. (stackablecorpse)
These ain't no purple hearts.

These are 2 of the later releases from this German powerhouse, these 2 records are less metal than the previous releases like the Kiosk LP and the split with Mine. Luxus and Robot are the missing link between Dawnbreed and Monochrome. The Robot 7" is 2 songs remixed with Spanish vocals, Enjoy. (stackablecorpse)

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Remingtin 7"
Remingtin was an awesome band from the midwest US. I got this record used with no cover or info so if anyone has any info let us know. (stackablecorpse)
The Ladderback-Honest I Swear
The Ladderback from Rocky Mount, North Carolina was one of the best bands in the state, this album shows how they could seamlessly blend indie rock and hardcore into something that was raging yet soothing. If you like this they have more stuff at bifocalmedia.com Stand out tracks: Shifter, Bee Stung Hollow (stackablecorpse)
The Ladderback
Devola- Side of split test press LP w/Murdock, Resuscitation 7" + comp stuff
Members of the Exelar and I,robot.

Behead the Prophet No Lord Shall Live-
From the ashes of Mulkiteo Faries comes BTPNLSL, very chaotic and fierce with a pinch of style and sass. (stackablecorpse)
The Great Unraveling-S/T
Features Tonie Joy of Universal Order Of Armageddon, Moss Icon, and Born Against. Slower and darker than UoA but entertaining none the less. (stackablecorpse)