Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Drago Miette-A Slow Summer Drowning
Members of Usurp Synapse playing darker, angular, haunting style of hardcore. The EP is based on the poem the Wasteland by T.S. Eliot. (stack-c)
This will end in tears....
Usurp Synapse-Vile Contamina

7 songs, Last recorded session. No song titles except for two songs. They go back to doing what they do best, driving an 18 wheeler though your colon. enjoy. (stack-c)
Do it!

Monday, December 08, 2008


The return of tion. I finally got a hold of their split 7" with The Complete Audio Device off this dude from ( I recommend you dudes check it out, a lot of people know their shit on there, mike haley from electric human project is on there among a lot of others) but the split is brutal. Not much more to say, one of the tracks off of Symmetry Makes Me Calm by -tion is at the end of the split. Enjoy :), I know stackable will. In the insert, they have a website that is still up and running if anyone is interested in checking out more photos.


Tion/The Complete Audio Device split 7"

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

The Avenging Disco Godfathers Of Soul

ex-members of Index For Potential Suicide. they use live and electronics drums, percussion, sound manipulation, guitars, xylophone, bass, vocals, and synths.

emo violence dance?

Texas Is The Reason

Yeah, whatever.... I like this band.

Texas Is the Reason was a post-hardcore band founded by former Shelter guitarist Norm Arenas and 108 drummer Chris Daly in 1994. A foundational quartet in the post-Sunny Day Real Estate movement of emo music, Texas Is the Reason played melodious but forceful rock music before disbanding in 1997.Norm Arenas (guitar), guitarist for the hardcore Hare Krishna band Shelter, formed Texas Is the Reason with friend and then fellow Hare Krishna devotee Chris Daly (drums), formerly of the band 108, which played music of a similar kind to Shelter’s, some time in the early 1990s in New York City. They both desired to leave the macho attitude and religious preaching of their former projects. With former Fountainhead bassist Scott Winegard (bass), the three recruited one-time bassist for Buffalo’s Copper, Garrett Klahn (guitar/vocals), to round out the quartet.The name “Texas Is the Reason” is lifted from a Misfits song, entitled “Bullet”. It also makes reference to a conspiracy theory about the assassination of John F. Kennedy, in which the president was killed in a plot arranged by Texas Democrats in order to give Lyndon B. Johnson control of the White House. Releasing three songs on an EP, Texas Is the Reason became an underground smash and helped usher in an era of similarly motivated and styled emo bands. They then released a split single with The Promise Ring through Jade Tree Records. The following year (1995) they released another split single with Samuel through British record label Simba.



Combatwoundedveteran is a powerviolence/grindcore band from Tampa, Florida. They played in a style differing from the first generation of power-violence bands, and were influenced by and sounded like bands such as Charles Bronson. Combatwoundedveteran took influence from a variety of different musicians and bands, ranging from early math-rock such as Drive Like Jehu, to Grind and Power-violence bands like Assuck and Man is the Bastard.

Crime Scene Photos

Arsen aka Konig Der Monster

Arsen aka König Der Monster comes from Germany (out of Bremen and Versmold respectivly) and plays a metallic style of hardcore/screamo with a slight somewhat crusty influence. Their sound has a heavy and very dark edge, which might make you think of bands like Uranus coupled with some of the classic US crust bands like His Hero Is Gone and Tragedy along with some of the German metallic hardcore stuff. The members are/were: Sabine on vocals, Lars on guitar (both of React With Protest fame), Marc on bass and vocals, Chris on drums and Arne on guitar.


Emo-violence was a term made up by the band In/Humanity to half-jokingly characterize themselves as a band that related to both the emocore and powerviolence scenes back in 1995-96. Many powerviolence fans stood opposed to all brands of emo in the mid-90’s even before that word became tainted and co-opted by the mainstream media. So, as a band borne from the emocore scene and continuing from the traditions of Born Against and Heroin, In/Humanity played up the “violence” side and the association with Prank Records, H:G Fact, and Sound Pollution Records to align themselves with heavier, more metallic powerviolence bands. It worked, and the band was well-liked by emo kids and powerviolence dudes alike.

The Great American Teenage Suicide Rebellion