Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thank god for slsk!

Well, it looks like I lost quite a bit of my music - which sucks big time.

I did find quite a few files on my old laptop which will save me weeks of burning cds, sadly all my record rips and almost everything I downloaded from other blogs has been lost forever. I've started d/ling off blogs again and 90% of the files i d/l'd are still active. Another great place to find music was slsk. I haven't used this for well over a year because i realised i was spending well over 8 hours a day glued in front of computer screen trying to find an old Orchid or His Hero Is Gone show! What follows is music I found and liked on slsk and thought I'd share them with you. All descriptions are from Last.Fm.


A Western Massachusetts hardcore supergroup that barely exists, yet covertly exerts a ruinous influence upon your life. Best known for their scarce, pricey, short vinyl releases courtesy of New York’s Youth Attack Records and the occasional live disaster, this four-piece exercises all the intricacy and emotional sensitivity of a pandemic. Members can also be found wasting their time in ensembles such as Ampere and Wasteland.



Alpinist is a Neocrust four-piece band from Münster, GERMANY.They exist since winter 2006 and live from the experiences their members made playing in bands from death metal to punkrock.alpinist is meant to be understood bythose who are sick of people following musical trendsthose who wanna live out music with dedicationand those who believe in expressing their own ideals with their own art.

Minus Mensch


German political fastcore band.



Bluid was an / band from Italy, that featured members of a well-known Italian band, With Love. They released a Demo Cassette, a Self-Titled 7” and a CD-R entitled “Sangue Tortura Estasi Lacrime”.

7" & CDR


Underrated German straightedge grindcore from the late 90s-early 2000s.

r'n'r self destruction


Swiss hardcore w/ strings

Beyond Reality


The Endless Blockade is a band that formed in 2003, in Toronto, Canada. Taking the foundations of the genre’s forebears (Crossed Out, No Comment, MITB, etc) and streamlining it for today’s harsh realities, The Endless Blockade is furious hardcore meets crawling sludge. Primitive is the Blockade’s second LP, following the debut LP Turn Illness Into A Weapon, several EPs and split LPs (with Iron Lung, Warzone Womyn and Hatred Surge). Primitive is the band’s most fully realized work thus far, with great care taken in tying the album together musically, visually and lyrically. SCOTT HULL’s mix is both clear and raw while GLYN SMYTH’s artwork visually represents the doomsday cults, fanatics and radicals that provide the backdrop for the LP’s deranged pace and surgically precise twists and turns. The Blockade’s affinity for the diseased power-electronics and noise genres (think Slogun, Whitehouse) also plays a more significant role on Primitive.

This band is fucking amazing! Why have I not heard of these until now?

Turn Illness Into A Weapon


Hailing from Orange County California. They came, they smashed your face, they left. Hardcore the way it should be done. Fucking A!

And The Beat Goes On / Onward To Valhalla / Guns, Elvis Loved Them (all seperate)


Pre- D’amore, one of Craig Wood’s many projects.



Mid ’90s chaotic DIY / from Northern Virginia.



Forty-one brutal power violence and hardcore epics 'specially crafted to incite verticality. You get bombed by SPAZZ, DESPISE YOU, CHARLES BRONSON, ASSHOLE PARADE, PRETENTIOUS ASSHOLES, PALATKA, and UNANSWERED.



Demo, live and unreleased tracks by Robert Svensson, Ila Mitra, Bravo Fucking Bravo, Rabbit Theory, Man Behind Glass, Kids Explode, Autumn In May, The Last Forty Seconds, Daitro, the short blooming., Kias Fansuri, Water Rats, The Saddest Landscape, Dying In Motion, Anomalie, Faced Moment, Her Breath on Glass, Rainer Fiedler, Mr. Willis of Ohio, Dry Conditions and Eno.
Another great release from Ape Must Not Kill Ape Records.


More to follow soon.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

The End?

Thanks to my girlfriend I don't think I will be posting here anymore. Why? Well. I'll tell you why.

The PC was running slow yesterday so for some unknown reason she deceided to re-boot it back to factory settings! All my music has now gone and I don't have enough time to rip/burn records and cds anymore as I have a full time evening job and look after my daughter during the day.

If anyone out there thinks I can recover all my music will you please drop me a line and help me out!