Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Monday, October 13, 2008


I love splits! Everytime I go to a decent record shop I always head straight for the split 7" section. There have been quite a few classics (in my opinion) over the last few years or so. Here are some of my favs....

1905 / Amanda Woodward

Closure / Breakwater

Copout / Facedown

Danse Macbre / Killed By Malaise

The Fiction / Birthday Boyz

Haymaker / Fucked Up

Transistor Transistor / Mannequin

My Disco / Off Minor

Plot To Blow Up The Eiffle Tower / Necktie Party

Okara / Mothman

Van Johnson / Kaospilot

Tunes For Bears To Dance To / El Minotaur

Many more to follow.......

Monday, October 06, 2008


Emotive hardcore - somewhere between post-hardcore and screamo with a dash of metalcore. From NYC.

Couldn't find a decent pic of the band!
Play The Piano Drunk Like A Percussion Instrument Until Your Fingers Begin To Bleed

Don't know much about this band. I think they may be from Sweden.

Nice screamy stuff.


Insane chaotic screamo hardcore with furious vocals, spazzy breaks, discordant grooves, and a balance between heaviness and driving riffs.



Seven Days of Samsara (sometimes abbreviated SDoS) is an emotional metalcore band from Milwaukee.


Strictly Ballroom was founded in late 1994 by a bunch of former KXLU DJs — guitarist/singer Chris Gunst, second guitarist Paul Larson, bassist Jimmy Tamborello, drummer Ian MacKinnon, and keyboardist/percussionist Jimmy Hay. The band’s sound was described as “Enocore” by the press and fans at the time, due to their Brian Eno-like soundscaping merged with the sounds of hardcore. Signed to the Waxploitation label, the quintet issued the album Hide Here Forever in 1998, and became a college radio favorite, appearing on the CMJ charts.


The final recording from this legendary New Jersey band. Combining the greatests aspects of bands like Lifetime, Unbroken, Converge, to name a few, but adding their own style to the mix, more so on this album than on their earlier efforts. You and I songs are often quite ecclectic in styles, but they seem to always pull them off so smoothly. There are mosh parts, sing alongs, all the parts every good band should have. This record seems to even show hints of grind, too. However, they always maintain their melodic base that made so many people fall in love with this band.

The Curtain Falls