Friday, October 23, 2009


Before there were Moving Units, Year Future, and Ground Unicorn Horn, there was Chris Hathwell, who plays in all three and there was his great, doomed punk band The Festival of Dead Deer. They were great because the noise they made could melt steel and boil blood, and they were doomed because they reared up fast, spat out beautiful music, then vanished into the ether. Their album The Many Faces Of Mental Illness (threeoneg) gives us 14 faces of mental illness in 44:57 minutes of frantic, stained-to-nothing vocals, sludgy razor sharp breakdowns, and song structure that bucks from one extreme to the next. We see guitar leads as attacking snakes, drums that co-opt hardcore’s blast beats and R&B’s submarine groove. It has all the screaming beauty of Gravity’s catalogue, the kind of angularity a million bands have since tried for, in turn turning the very idea of angularity (or at least the search for it) into a joke. This record isn’t a joke. It’s not a half-ass screamo cash in or a trend-searching fashion parade. Take all your preconceptions and theories of what punk is and flush ‘em down the fucking shitter. This is the sound of bones crushing to dust. Love it or get out of the way and pretend you’re not afraid to look the thing in the eye.


Saw these guys support His Hero Is Gone at the Gillman in 1998. They reminded me of a hardcore version of Jawbreaker.

Friday, October 09, 2009


I found an old notebook from a few years back. It contained records I liked the sound of from HaC zine. I managed to buy 80% of them but a few slipped thru' my grubby little fingers. Below is a list of records/CDs I never managed to obtain. If anyone has any of these I'd love to get mp3s so I could post them if that ok with you.


Two Thousand Yard Stare 7" (Highwater Records)

Davenport - Big Ticket Plus 12" (Peas Kor)

Concrete - Sescenti... 7" (Halley)

Foundation / Ecorche 7" (Sanguine)

Yah Mos - Off Your Parents 7" (Recess)

Ire 7" (Schema)

The Day Of Man As Man 7" (Rice Control) (via emoisdead)

Jumbo 7" (Peas Kor)

Slave One 7" (Redwood)

V/A - Ambla 7" (Ambla)

Polestar / Rentamerica 7" (?)

Rash Of Beatings 7" (Sensual Underground Ministries)

Holocron - Celestial Sphere 7" (Winter)

Envy / Sixpence 7" (H:G Fact)

Slowsidedown 7" (Red Alert Works) (via emoisdead)

The Divine Hook-Up 7" (Landmark)

Dinner, 1933 - 7" (Boxcar) - I used to own this but have somehow lost it.

Radioland Hitsquad 7" (Highwater)

The Spirit Of St. Louis - A Working Title For.. 7" (Dilemma)

S. Process LP (Trackstar)

La Pistola 7" (Frenetic)

Fall Into The Sear And Yellow Leaf 7" (Watership)

Prisoners Of... 7" (?)

Lynchpin - Happiness Ends.. CD (Heart In Hand)

Novice Brown 7" (Sweet Baboo) (thanks xjerryx)

Fahrenheit 451 7" (Elucidate)

Generation Of Vipers 7" (Landmark)

Scout 7" (Moo Cow)

Hope (Delusion) 7" (Trackstar)

Jackleg 7" (Eohippus)

I Shot Mckinley 7" (Technicians Of The Sacred)

Schema - Sooner Than You Think (Armed With Anger) (via emoisdead)

Moss Icon was an Annapolis, Maryland punk rock band from 1986 to 1991. The original members were Jonathan Vance, Tonie Joy, Monica DiGialleonardo, and Mark Laurence. Moss Icon are most known for their influence on the splinter genre of punk known as emotive hardcore (emo), and affiliation to the original DC bands born in the so-called “Revolution Summer” of 1985, including Rites of Spring, Gray Matter, Rain, Embrace, and Maryland’s Hated.The band’s identifying characteristics, and those that distinguish them from their contemporaries, include noticeable and abrupt transitions from loud to quiet, Joy’s distinct arpeggiated guitar (often undistorted and picked), and Vance’s esoteric, sometimes meandering lyrical content. Earlier recordings of the band are remniscent of early Joy Division, particularly in guitar style, while later songs embodied a less blunt approach, noted by some detractors as making Moss Icon “like Grateful Dead for punks.” The band championed, among other issues, the plight of indigenous peoples in the Americas, and opposed the US Government’s involvement in Nicaragua and Guatemala.Moss Icon recorded their debut 7”, “Hate in Me”, in January 1988 and entered the studio several months later to record their second 7”, Mahpuia Luta. Their “Lyburnum Wits End Liberation Fly” LP was recorded by Les Lentz and Tony French throughout 1988 and released in mid-1994 by Vermiform. In 1990 a splinter project of Moss Icon was formed called Breathing Walker, containing all four members of Moss Icon plus Alex Badertscher on bass, Zach Fusciello on percussion, and Tim Horner on violin; Breathing Walker released a cassette that was re-released in 2001 by Joy’s Vermin Scum label along with live tracks. Moss Icon’s third 7”, entitled “Memorial”, was recorded in January 1991 along with a split LP with Silver Bearing. In 1994 Ebullition Records released the It Disappears LP, compiling several songs from “Memorial” and the split LP along with live versions of several songs.After the dissolution of Moss Icon, guitarist Joy was a member of the bands Born Against, Lava, Universal Order of Armageddon, The Great Unraveling, and The Convocation Of… Other band members were less involved in music, excepting Laurence’s drums in Lava, and DiGialleonardo’s Blue Condors. Moss Icon reformed to play a handful of shows with Brooks Headley on drums, including the 2001 More Than Music Fest in Columbus, Ohio and at the renovated Charles Theatre in Baltimore, Maryland.

Does anyone know anything about Silver Bearing?


Life At These Speeds were a band from Portland, Oregon. They play some truly inspiring and driving music. Over the course of the past few years, they’ve toured parts of the US and Europe, and released several recordings on friends’ labels, The Perpetual Motion Machine, Owsla, Waking, Coldbringer, Clean Plate and Level Plane.

Science of yabra are one of the hardest working bands around. They will pummel you with their volume, rattle your skull with their intensity, boggle your mind with their precision and generally fill your heart with glee. An amazing blend of East Coast and West Coast post punk that will remind you of Fugazi, Rites of Spring and Drive Like Jehu.


Bruce Banner started out early 2000, we played out first show in August the same year together with THE OATH. In January 2001 out first 7” was realesed by Bent Edge Records/Sounds Of Betrayal Records here in Sweden. Summer 2001 we did go on our first europeantour and we also realesed a split 7” w/SAYYADINA that we did the tour with. In 2002 we did record for a split 7” with SOUND LIKE SHIT from Japan but it was released in late 2003. In April 2004 we entered the famous studio in Gröndal and recored our first album. It was released in July 2004 by Busted Heads Records in Sweden/Europe and by 625 Thrash Records in the Usa. We did a full Us-tour July/August 2004 together with DEADFALL from Bay Area to coincidence with the Lp/Cd realese. Fall 2004 Per H joined us at drums and in the beginning of 2005 Malcolm joined forces. In May/JUne we did a european tour that took us to England, France, Holland, Germany. October 2005 Tess joined us at vocals and here we are…We plan to record for a split 7” with B.U.S.H. from Brazil early December…The split 7” with B.U.S.H. is out and sold out…In April/May 2007 Bruce Banner decided to quit…so we are no more. Cheers to everyone that helped us in any way, stay in touch.

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