Friday, February 22, 2008

Letters In Binary- Hands Don't Mind The Holes

Spazzy quirky mathy...yummy. ex-enkephalin (sc)

Palatka played fast honest politically charged chaos. This is compiled from all the records i have from them i 'm missing 2 to 3 tracks but anyway its 50 songs in less about 30 minutes. This zip file is more complete than the discography floating around other forums.(sc)

Friday, February 08, 2008

Noarmsnolegs - The Sodomy Of Sound

Chaotic hardcore with a few metal parts.
The vinyl has a tasteful etching of embryos skewered on a coat hanger!


Fabric - Body Of Water

Fabric were a post-hardcore band from the U.K.
You can hear elements of Bob Tilton, Fugazi, and U.S. screamo/post-hardcore from the mid 90's but still sounding distinctively English.


(The last track on this album is total shite! The rest of the album more than makes up for it)

Los Asesinos De La Superficialidad

LADLS are hardcore/punk band from Holland.
This is their side of the split with Tempers Rise.


Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Tragedy / Totalitar Split 7"

I BLOODY LOVE TRAGEDY. Totalitar aren't so bad either.


(changed from 96 to 128)

A Petal Fallen 10"

I hated this the frst time I heard it. I decided to give it a listen a few months back and it hasn't been off my iPod since.

Decent screamy emo-core.


(Changed from 96 to 128)


Pretty decent 10" from these You And I, I Hate Myself sound-a-likes.
I'm not quite sure if the beginning of the first track jumps or the drumming is out of time. If it jumps I apologize.


(Changed from 96 to 128)

Combatwoundedveteran / Scrotum Grinder Split 7''

This is a brilliant split featuring two amazing grindy hardcore bands.
Both have the best band names I have seen anywhere. I hope I'm not wrong but I believe one of Scrotum Grinders vocalists is female - and these have to be the most amazing vocals I have ever heard.


(Changed from 96 to 128)

Saturday, February 02, 2008


I'm having problems with my new USB record deck. Whilst recording record halfway thru' all I get is white noise! anyone know whats going wrong? I am so close to throwing the thing out of my window!

The Infinity Dive - Ereshkigal Split 10"

TID = Great Screamo
E = Screamo with metal influences


Durga - Earn, Your Red Wings Mormon 7''

See Stackables previous Durga post he posted on here in December.


Hey Stack! e-mail me. my e-mail is the username. I still have an original of this to send you.