Monday, March 31, 2008


I just found out I'm gonna be a dad! It's due in November. I can't wait! Sadly, this means the end of my world travels, no more cds/records, and I won't be able to see my beloved Torquay United play that much - but who cares.... I'M GONNA BE A DAD!


These have nothing to do with me being a dad but I thought I'd post them anyway.

ABANDONED HEARTS CLUB - Initial Confessions (d/l)

AMPUTEE SET - When The Last Game Is Done (d/l)

ARMY OF FLYING ROBOTS - 13 Songs + 2 (d/l)


Milhouse -Modern Problems...Ep
This is not the pop-punk Milhouse or the jam band, this is the destructive Milhouse that will bash you with a lead pipe and carve a pentagram into your face to let you know they mean business. Members of Indecision and Celebrity Murders. (sc)

Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Plan-This Time Is Not This Place
Awesome Post-Hardcore from where else..Canada. Link fixed! (sc)
Lack-Sisyphus 7"
Lack from Denmark rock like a more focused Refused.(sc)

Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Ladderback/Marion Split 7inch
This is the only record put out by the legendary Backdoor Skate Park. The Ladderback is spastic indie-influenced hardcore I've heard people compare them to Ten Grand and Marion is like a more jazzy version of Shotmaker. The speed is correct on the Marion side, the rhythm section shreds that hard. The Ladderback members are now in Valient Thorr, Caltrop, and Continent. The members of Marion went on to do The Disease and Guyana Punch Line. (sc)
Ire 7inch Ep-
Ire is more Canadian goodness, this time in the vein of Neurosis. Members went on to form The Black Hand, Cobra Noir and Cursed. Check out the 4 song LP on Mountain Coop. (sc)

Friday, March 28, 2008

Johnny Angel-They Have Lift Off Enhanced CDEP-
Members Of Unbroken, and the Grand Eulena playing chaotic hardcore similar to Swing Kids ep includes the songs from the Song of Zarathustra split 7". The zip includes the Quicktime Video. (sc)

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Cerberus Shoal-LP
One of the most crucial LP's I own, this record has some of the most beautiful arrangements i have ever heard. I think after this release they went for a more instrumental sound so this is Shoal's hardcore record. Definitely worth checking out. (sc)

(ninteen)nineteen- 4 song demo tape
Pre-Welcome the Plague Year post-Makara also members of Usurp Synapse, The Infinity Dive, Book of Dead Names etc. Pretty Awesome. (sc)

Insult to Injury (South Carolina) LP-
This LP rips, Assfactor 4 with the chaos turned way up. This LP sounds more like insult did live, it conveys the desperate energy, and the passion. I wonder what these guys are doing now. (sc)
Griver/The Exploder Split 12"
North Carolina's Griver brings 3 super tight songs in the Hal Al Shedad meets Sleepytime Trio vein. Virginia's Exploder rips it up with 5 awesome songs that sound like if Fugazi got really pissed off. Griver is members of Milemarker and Exploder has members of Yaphet Kotto, and Strike Anywhere. (sc)
The Weak Link Breaks/Jonah split 7"
The Weak Link Breaks is pre-Engine Down and Jonah is a awesome band from Canada in the vein of One Eyed God Prophecy. The Weak Link Breaks is dual fronted hardcore that sounds like Prevail and Struggle mixed. This record is out of print so you may find it used so grab it.
(sc) D/L
Lockstep/JaQuay split 7"
Lockstep is pre-Racebannon and JaQuay is pretty brutal and spazzy.(sc)
Hovel- Last 3 demo songs
This was my old band before ifitdoesntkillyou, this is a rough demo that we had on dat, mistakes and all. circa 1998 (stackablecorpse)
Ricky Fitts- LP, Demo
Not enough people talk about this band and it makes me sad, I like to think that they laid the path for kidcrash in a roundabout way. Indie rock influenced emo with hardcore tendancies, layered vocals and driving octave chord laden arrangements and they keep it messy enough to be interesting. Some parts kinda remind me of seraphim. Any way you should listen to this because, Dan Davis is the brother of Matt Davis of Ten Grand/Vida Blue and you should track down the LP from Exotic Fever. Trust me. (sc)
Here is all the vinyl out put from Treadwell that I know of. The 6" 2 7"s and the split 7" with 16.(sc)
The End of the Century Party- One of the first bands to take the formula laid down by Mohinder and run with it by adding frantic screams and blast beats. Gets filed under emo-violence along with Asshole Parade and Palatka. This discography collects all of their work, all of these songs are out of print and even this cd is hard to find. So if you do happen to find it purchase it, you owe yourself. Members went on to form Scolastic Deth, and Books Lie.(SC)

Monday, March 24, 2008

Torches To Rome - S/T 12"

The Anasazi - Calculating Components......
Ex-members of.... blah blah blah.

Friday, March 07, 2008


99 pence on e-bay!


99 pence on e-bay!


99 pence on e-bay!

Monday, March 03, 2008


D/L for the mac users

BURNMAN - Notes For a Catalogue for an Exhibition

Decent post-hardcore similar to Twelve Hour Turn, and True North.

(All on No Idea Reords)


My copy came without any info so I don't know where these guys are from. I don't even know the tracklisting. Can someone leave the track listing in the comments if they have it.

Sorry about the lack of updates lately - my laptop committed suicide so I had to buy a new one.