Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Forty one tracks that total over one hour of fucking chaos! Included on this record are the songs from the demo, split 7"s with THE SWARM & THE FALL OF LENINGRAD, "when backs are turned, knives are pulled" full length, and a few comps. Plus unreleased live and studio tracks. Mind blowing blastbeats, destructive guitar rifs, and distorted vocals that would destroy the average human's vocal chords. Members went onto such bands as CONVERGE, LIGHT THE FUSE AND RUN, HASSAN I SABBAH, and DAUGHTERS.


Remains of the Day was a d-beat/melodic hardcore band from Portland, Oregon that released an ep, a split seven inch with the band keitzer, and two full length records on Crimes Against Humanity Records before disbanding. They are notable for their use of a violin in their music.


Portrait existed in Atlanta, ga from 1996 until 2001. For many individuals portrait is one of the pioneers of the modern (circa 2002-2004) “screamo” sound. They released several albums: “all my chances” 7”, the s/t 10”, the debut 7”, the four song demo All of this and one extra song are on the Portrait “complete discography” cd from stickfigurerecords.The band has a very energetic sound. Tough but not too tough. Emotional but not too emotional. Agressive but not too… Great combination of guitar work with viola. This band has it all. From sweet melodic parts too Rough hardcore driven tunes. Portrait’s influences were such bands as inkwell, frail and Indian summer.

Beneath Low Flying Planes / Arse Moreira

Planes was Austin, Haley, Slinky and James from Melbourne Florida.After calling it quits in 2006 members carried on separate projects including Crusades, Gomek, Written And Erased, and Brainstorm.

Arse Moreira was an emo violence band from Mexico City, characterised by heavy start-stop dynamics and technical and experimental instrumentation.


I Am Heaven (1995-7) was a emo-hardcore band that came out of the break- ups of the Philly bands Frail, Elements of Need, The Gangplansisteele Quartet …