Saturday, April 11, 2009

Vollume 11-Prole Art Threat 12" and side of Gasp split7"

Prole Art Threat 12"
"Six of the songs were recorded live on the radio back in 1997 (great sound quality), while the last song is a studio track recorded in 1999. Most of Volume Eleven members were once in a band called Honeywell, and while there are some similarities Volume Eleven is certainly way more on the audio freak out tip" -Hand Held Heart

Gasp Split 7"
One of those ultra rare kill you mother and 4 orphans for it Witching Hour Records releases. I was lucky to borrow it from a friend to rip the audio. I think when we saw this in the record store we played rock, paper, scissors for it.(stack-C)



Anonymous Ricardo said...

Thanks so much for posting all Volumen Eleven records.Would be great if you can upload the
complete artwork,especially the Prole Art LP.
V11 are ex-Honeywell and later,one member I think,form Quem Quaeritis (releases in Not Not Fun Records).

Chech this links:
Here's the complete discography of Honeywell and Reach Out.
And this is a compilation of Not Not Fun who have a Quem Quaeritis song.

5:27 AM  
Anonymous ryan mostly said...

I just picked up that split today!

2:03 PM  
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