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"my first band was called baby harp seal, we played from 93 - 96 when we broke up because of egos (mostly mine). we played kind of emo music, but not really - we were into hoover and fugazi and heroin, and two of us had a led zep fixation. we did a few 7 inches and one album, which i still listen to now and then. some parts make me cringe, and some parts make me nostalgic. with hindsight, i’m quite proud of it. it was what it was, some lads in their early twenties being a bit pretentious. sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn’t. I was gratified to see on last fm that someone is still listening to it on their computer - i don’t know how it got there because we only ever released vinyl. happy days though, happy days… As someone else wrote above, it put me on the path i’m on now, nearly fifteen years later, and has, so far at least, given me a nice, if impovershed, life.” seth

Polaris were Leeds based and existed from 1993-2006. They were a seminal experimental hardcore act with unusual song structures and a preference for complicated rhythms and beautiful gutiar interplay. They produced 2 full length albums as well as a few single and compilation appearances. They excelled live where their obsessively good musicianship and re-interpretation of their own material ensured that their gigs were, more often than not, outstanding.


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