Monday, October 06, 2008


Seven Days of Samsara (sometimes abbreviated SDoS) is an emotional metalcore band from Milwaukee.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


thanks for putting this up. I was just today listening to some SDOS vinyl and wanted to get digital copies so I could take that stuff with me.

However, there is something wrong with the titles of the mp3s in your discography.

I just bought the "we are all already dead" seven inch (2001).
The first three tracks of your discography are on there. The first two tracks of your discography also happen to be on the split w/ destroyer, which i have as well.
(Exact same recordings. Fun fact though: "we are all..." gives "april 7th, 8th, and 12th" as dates, whereas the split w/ destroyer credits "april 8th, 9th, and 12th" as dates... guess "going once..." was recorded on 9th of april then? I don't get it.)

- Track 1: can you walk single file? (correct in discography)
- Track 2 is "forget the pain and cut to the refrain", not "Going once.."
- Track 3 is "going once, going twice, sold to the man in the...", not "Jeremy can't hack it"

Also, I happen to have the split 12'' with "since by man" (2001).
- Track 4 is "you elbow me, i elbow you", not "Five, Six, Seven, Eight"
- Track 5 is "jeremy can't hack it.", not "A New Anthem..."
- Track 6 is "sorting through the static", not "The Truth"
- Track 7 is "five, six, seven, eight", not "Forget your Pain..."
- Track 8 is "panienka panienka idz do nieba przynysh mi bochenka chelba", not "You Elbow me..."

My vinyl collection also features the split with cobra kai (2000) with "bones and blenders" and "the truth" on it.
- Track 10 is "bones and blenders", not "Panienka..."
- Track 11 is "the truth", not "bones and blenders"

- As to Track 9, I don't have that on vinyl or otherwise.
But going through SDOS's bandcamp, it's "A New Anthem for the T-Shirt Revolution" from their split with Akarso (not "sorting through the static"):

You haven't included the "A Reason To Sing" CD by the way, which is a shame. Find it here:

All the Best,

7:45 AM  
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