Monday, October 13, 2008


I love splits! Everytime I go to a decent record shop I always head straight for the split 7" section. There have been quite a few classics (in my opinion) over the last few years or so. Here are some of my favs....

1905 / Amanda Woodward

Closure / Breakwater

Copout / Facedown

Danse Macbre / Killed By Malaise

The Fiction / Birthday Boyz

Haymaker / Fucked Up

Transistor Transistor / Mannequin

My Disco / Off Minor

Plot To Blow Up The Eiffle Tower / Necktie Party

Okara / Mothman

Van Johnson / Kaospilot

Tunes For Bears To Dance To / El Minotaur

Many more to follow.......


Blogger Matt Houston said...

Most of the bands I have never heard of, but for the few which I have, I'm very excited to find out about these splits. I just started checking out this blog and am absolutely astounded by how much music you have and how many great, obscure bands you're sharing. Definitely a great resource. Thanks! Also, you can check out my fairly new blog. I haven't quite figured out the format for it, nor have I many posts, but you're welcome to check it out.

7:16 PM  
Blogger blend77 said...

yeah man! i love 7" splits! its a perfect way to capture two bands. and i have gotten into so many good bands because i bought a split for one band.

theyre also cheap and you can buy a bunch of em and get to hear much more variety... all good stuff.

5:41 PM  
Blogger cretin said...

awesome stuff, I was looking for some earlier transistor transistor (not that that's all that's good here).

6:21 PM  
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