Tuesday, September 02, 2008


"Orgiastic" was the first adjective that came to mind in describing the Textbook Traitors, a hardcore band from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The next adjective, and equally applicable, was "passionate." This is, most likely, one of the most passionate bands you will ever hear, and by that, i mean passion spews, much like the singer's screams, in fits of emotion. With a similar style to bands such as Orchid and PG.99, the Textbook Traitors are set apart by their uncanny ability to blend chaos, spasticity, and danceable melody. The five artists that make up the Textbook Traitors produce everything you could ask for in a hardcore album. You Pull the Strings That Make Us Dance is a six song, fifteen minute whirlwind of emotion.The production on this album is flawless. While the bass is certainly quiet, it's just loud enough to offset the shrilling guitars and piercing screams; the perfect mix for a hardcore album. "Siamese Separation Catastrophe" features dueling vocals that attack the listener from, seemingly, either side of you. The third track is definitely a stand-out. "Force Fed Voices" is a perfect fusion of meaningful lyrics, catchy instrumentation, and the aforementioned passion, with an ending that will be sure to send chills down your spine.Right away, "Fine Day to Die" knocks you off your feet with the intensity this band is oh so good at. The drums are really top-notch throughout, from the groovy beats in "From Counting to Calculus" that build up to a crushingly epic chorus, to the insane technicality in "Anatomy of a Teenage Hit List." The only complaint musicianship wise would have to be the bass, which follows the guitars note for note, save one or two special moments like in "Anatomy of a Teenage Hitlist" where the instruments die off until a bass line glides the music into a memorable breakdown.There is not one single song on the EP that lags. Even the final track, "This is My Speech Act," is certainly not one you should overlook; it ends in perfect, haunting conclusion, and leaves you breathless and wanting more. If ever there was an overlooked hardcore band, it would be this one. While their future is unsure, their sound will unmistakable last. Fans of Orchid, prepare to be blown away with the Textbook Traitors, so put on "Force Fed Voices" and crank that sh*t up!

You Pull The Strings