Tuesday, September 02, 2008


The following is the only review I could find of this great 12". I think it is worth more than 6/10. I'd give it 8/10.

14 short tracks (averaging just over a minute each) of tight and rhythmic material that's hard to pin down into any single category. Certain aspects are heavier and more driving, comparable to early Boy Sets Fire or something of that nature, the thicker chord progressions that mess with some abstract melody have a major post-hardcore ring to 'em (see the awesome "Lemmings"), the faster and more abrasive moments lean towards what I can't help but refer to as "screamo" leanings, etc. But for the most part this stuff is very tight and well performed, and I really like the straight yelling vocals a lot. Hell, the intro to "Marching Orders" even has a metal slant, with a killer little dissonant riff over slow and thick power chords. The production is fairly strong for what they've got going on. I fucking love the bass tone, it's thick and well defined, playing an enormous role in the center of the mix. The guitars are slightly dirty and do have an unusual twist to their distortion, but I don't mind. The vocals and drums sound pretty much dead on. I suppose the only thing I might tweak then would be those guitars... but they really don't need a great deal of attention. Visually everything looks great. The packaging is printed on matte paper with clean, bold text over some nice photographs of dirty cityscapes, and all of the lyrics are included. Lyrically things are pretty personal, but the approach isn't so bad at all. "Left to die in a world we killed, and there is no way out. Locked inside the jails we built and we've lost the key. No way out. But our time is over, and we'll fade away. Our time is over, as we fade away, the earth will swallow us, and begin again." If you really like this type of music then I would definitely recommend this disc. I'm pickier than most when it comes to this style, and my appreciation for it can be limited. I liked their "Distress Signals" 7" a bit more, but I think that's just because it was really concise. I still feel that the performance here is tight and generally pretty intense, and I do enjoy a lot of it, so... (6/10)