Thursday, January 17, 2008


Japanese (?) comp featuring.......

Forcefedglass, The Sutek Conspiracy, Devola, Spirit Of Versailles, I Robot, Racebannon and so many more.



Anonymous sapila said...

amazing comp, took me a while to find. how many songs does this have? 28 or 30?

5:44 PM  
Blogger weleasewoger72 said...

It should contain the number you missed - 29

6:24 PM  
Anonymous sapila said...

"First version is a CD-R, 100 made, different hand made/xerox sleeve + insert, numbered on the CD. This version has a different song order and the Racebannon track is missing. Second version is a regular CD; the label name was altered due to legal problems with a major label."

BTW, do you have the track order of the Devola stuff?

7:24 PM  
Anonymous Eric Devin said...

This cam out in 2000/2001 on Gregg Holtsclaw's Ape Must Not Kill Ape Records. They also did a first volume, a 7", with Orchid and a bunch of other bands. I released a comp on my label about the same time called Summertime, and I think that the two discs are good documents of the music at the time. If anybody is interested in a hard copy of either, send me a message, I'm pretty sure I still have some in a distro box.

12:53 AM  
Blogger thuglifebaldwin said...

i have # 2/1000 of the first pressing of this also has one different song on it than the one that got pressed later.....i got mine at michiganfest 2000 when greg was actually assembling the packaging/sleeves for the cds at his merch table..........i think i also got the first sutek conspiracy cd from him there too...

2:40 PM  

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