Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I think Poet may be dead.
I will hopefully combine my 3 blogs together at a later date.
Thanks to everyone who has downloaded, left a comment and linked me.
It's been fun!

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Found this on youtube. Best footage of Orchid so far.

Will post again soon. Been on holiday.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Post-hardcore/screamo band with female vox from Lille, France.


Concrete is a well-known italian post-core band active since the early 90s. they put out a full lenght cd ("nunc scio tenebris lux", soa rec.), a 10"ep ("patior ergo sum", soa rec.), a 7" ("sescenti sexaginta sex", soa rec.) and a split 7" with antisgammo (biba rec.) they are currently re-recording stuff from their early releases.


While touring behind Hello Nasty, the Beasties regularly busted out hardcore songs by the likes of Agnostic Front, Minor Threat, and Reagan Youth--along with their own take on Billy Joel's "Big Shot." The move came as no surprise to anyone familiar with this EP, on which the B-Boys collaborated with AWOL and returned to the hardcore roots documented on Some Old Bullshit. At eight tracks in just over 11 minutes, this hardly qualifies as extended play.


Amazing Swedish hardcore punk


Seattle's Engine Kid start off mellow, with Windshield, then erupt. Each song starts out with either tripped-out laziness or abstract heaviness, drifts off for at least 4 mins., then explodes in a whirlwind of mesmerizing drum tempoes and off-beat harmonics. The vocals range from spoken, to softly sung, to harsh screaming. The singer/guitarist Greg Anderson can be foung nowadays in Goatsnake. A masterpiece.


Don't know much about this band. This is their side of the split with Neil Perry.


a Swedish group fronted by Dennis Lyxzén from Refused and The (International) Noise Conspiracy and members of Refused and Saidiwas that “vow(ed) to never perform the same song twice.”

Songs taken from 7" and songs from the Love Is A Dog From Hell comp. Both on Simba records.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Fucked up compilation. Anyone with a serious heart condition or is pregnant do not download!

Side A is called Side 1000 mph. Side B is called Side 2000 mph.

The Jam Session

Since the very beginning back in 1998 The Jam Session has been on a neverending quest for doing our own thing, which has lead us on strange paths in heavy and experimental music. Going thru the whole catalogue of releases you’ll find everything from insane hardcore, progressive punk and doomy dark metal. It was never our intension to make things as strange as possible, it´s just our way to deal with the smalltown boredom and the result of 5 different individuals trying to express themselves as one unit.

Kinetic Crash Cooperation

German emo-violence.


Love Lost But Not Forgotten

Love Lost But Not Forgotten (often shortened to LLBNF) was a band from St. Peters, Missouri. The band formed in 1997 containing ex-members of End Over End and The Paxadils. Known for their violence on stage and unique vocals provided by a lineup that sometimes included two main vocalists (Prater and Schmidt both being solo vocals for the band at one time through the bands career) and a trio of guitarists (Fogelbach and Emerick also surviving the lifetime of the band, with Doerhoff re-emerging to make a few special appearances in their later years).

Joshua Fit For Battle

Joshua Fit For Battle was a prominent hardcore band based out of Newark, Delaware. Despite Joshua Fit For Battle’s effort to avoid categorization, both fans and critics often consider the band a product of the screamo uprise during the late 1990’s. The band was home to ex-members of several notable Delawarian bands, such as the Bessemer Process, Union, Coffin, and Year of the Comet. Joshua Fit For Battle’s career spanned from 1998 to 2005, until the group disbanded. The band’s releases are still distributed by distinguished screamo label Level Plane.Members of the group can now be found in various musical endeavors, such as Superstitions of the Sky, Interpol ,Hot Cross, Welcome the Plague Year, and a Petal Fallen. And Larry from JFB and WPY works at Grotto’s…heh.


12 Aullidos

Too heavy to be tagged screamo, too all over the place and drawn out in composition to have the concise impact of power-violence, and too modern and freaky in attack to be labeled simply “hardcore”

California Love

Furious hardcore/powerviolence from Oakland, CA. Includes (ex-)members of Dead And Gone, Talk Is Poison and Look Back and Laugh.

Three Shades Of Dirty

Three Shades of Dirty were a short lived band from Annapolis, MD, featuring ex-members of The Hated. They released a demo cassette entitled “Paper Roses” on Vermin Scum in 1990 and had a song on the “Superpowers” compilation cassette (Troubleman Unlimited’s first release). Musically they move on from the final The Hated record into a more indie rock sound.

Thursday, May 13, 2010


Chicago hardcore spanish punk rock is what these guys play. (Los Crudos anyone?)


Amazing hardcore from San Diego.


Florida emo-punk who are in the same league as Snoop Dogg! (Denied entry to the UK).


One of the better Malaysian screamo bands.


Czech screamo hardcore band in the vein of Ebullution bands like Econcrist or Spitboy. Formed by ex-members of Skream! and Lovejoy. Their debut EP is released by russian label PROXIMA & Self Titled Demo records.


Pretty decent screamy hardcore from Malaysia.


Ema Camelia is a dark emo core band from north-eastern Czech Republic well known for their whole-hearted shows. The band consists of 5 members (rezi - drums , radim - keys , wana - bass , koren - guitar , jiri - guitar & vocals).

Monday, March 29, 2010


Sofy Major is a french noisy hardcore band playing in a DIY way.



SoCRaTeS is a screamo trio from France formed by Frank, ex-singer of Sons of Saturn.

Sunday, March 28, 2010


Brandon Florida’s Failure Face was one of the best angry and fast hardcore bands of the early/mid 90’s(1993-1996). They released several records on label’s such as Ebullition and Burrito Records. Several members went on to play in Murder Suicide Pact.


Yet another decent German hardcore band.

What is in the German water?


Code 13 is a Minneapolis, Minnesota-based hardcore band formed by ex-members of the defunct band Destroy.

Formation and History In the words of member Felix Havoc:

After Destroy broke up I hooked up with Tattoo Shane and Trevor Trend and began jamming with a series of drummers. We put up an ad at Extreme Noise and attracted Criminal Shane on drums. Code 13 was an attempt on my part to move past the grind and metal influence on Destroy back to a more old school hardcore sound. Still, Code 13 is not a retro-80’s band by any respect, although the 80’s influence is there, many of our songs clock in at speeds undreamed of in ‘82.Code 13’s music is hard for me to describe because we mix several different styles. I’m not saying we’re particularly original or groundbreaking, but our music was far from generic as well. Simply put, we didn’t all listen to just one style of music so our playing wasn’t rigidly influenced by one style either. We mixed sing-a-long 80’s hardcore like early 7 Seconds and Youth Brigade with fast-core like Dropdead and a touch of early DRI, straight edge hardcore, Swedish HC/ Japanese Thrash, 80’s anarcho-punk and some grind/power violence for a fast and powerful punk sound. Lyrically I’d have to say the individual versus society and issues of social control predominate.The name Code 13 comes from the police radio code for “officer down” and as you can guess our lyrics were heavily anti-police and authority. For a while four out of five of our shows were broken up by the man, but hardcore survives on the underground and so did we. At the time I felt like the hardcore/punk scene was too complacent and needed some really radical thrashing punk to bring band the anger and energy. I went out of my way to write radical, aggressive lyrics to go with the music. We stirred up no small controversy, posing with automatic weapons and singing about shooting cops. One anarchist squat in Paris actually wouldn’t let us play because we were “too militant” I knew we were doing something right then.All of the group’s albums to date have been on the Havoc Records label.


Collin Kramer were a Screamo band from Cologne, GERMANY.

Circles And Squares