Friday, January 22, 2010


Where does one start… Cleons Down was a band consisting of members from The Suicide Machines, Roosevelt’s Inaugural Parade, King For A Day, and Tomorrow’s Gone. We exsisted from about the fall of 1995 to the summer of 1997. The sound was a combination of noise,hardcore,indie rock,and everything else that was happening in the 1990’s. Live shows were known for there intensity and chaos that usually resulted in some kind of damage to ourselves and instruments. This band was a bright spark ,in the life of 5 dudes, that was a reflection of the times. 1 guy who moved from Las Vegas to Detroit to follow his dreams of creating music,and 4 other guys who could never understand how he could drink a 40oz of Magnum in one gulp.Anybody remember the “40oz of Emo” stickers? Anyway,all of us still play music to this day! Dudes went on to play in Koufax,The Story So Far,The Bomb,Left in Ruin,and a bunch of other bands.It has been 10 years since the members of this band have all played together,even though we have all remained friends.Cleons Down will be playing one reunion show this fall 2007,simply because we all believe it is time to destroy some shit one last time. (LAST FM)


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