Monday, December 14, 2009


Dear Tonight is a 5-piece band from Brooklyn, NY. They provide a combination of raw energy, crafted musical arrangements and radical political/personal thought. DT continues to deliver emotion and passion so visceral that it startles.The hardcore and punk music scene has become overwhelmingly plastic, stale and repetitive. Rather than being used as a space to explore and push the bounds musically and politically, it’s become just a stepping stone to TRL, arena rock and IPod commercials. Ryan, Pete, Randy, Dan and Marc of Dear Tonight are five friends who have formed a band to express their thoughts, passions, questions, and creations. The punk/hardcore scene can still be a place where folks of all ages come together and find common space to create, think, and act outside and against the hegemony of corporate rock and right-wing politics. With this goal, they continue to write great music, compelling lyrics and have fun.After touring the US and opening for boysetsfire’s farewell European tour, in early March of 2008 they announced that they would be calling it quits.


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