Thursday, February 26, 2009


YEAR FUTURE was founded in early 2003 in Los Angeles. Originally comprised of vocalist Sonny Kay (THE VSS, ANGEL HAIR), guitarist Rockey Crane (DEAD AND GONE, CREEPS ON CANDY), bassist Sam Ott (THE FUCKING ANGELS) and drummer Jim Andersen (of THE PATTERN, TALK IS POISON), the band’s new lineup now includes bassist Pete Lyman (ex-LIVING SCIENCE FOUNDATION) and drummer Chris Hathwell (also a member of the band MOVING UNITS). In December 2003, the band issued their debut self-titled EP on GSL, including the tracks “Some Bodies” and “Each Others Futures”, which had evolved to become something resembling crowd-pleasers over the course of countless shows that year. In August 2004 the band played a brief string of shows across the U.S. before embarking on a 6-week European tour which took them as far and wide as Spain, Hungary, Norway and the UK, and then returned for another trip back across the states. The follow-up EP,”The Hidden Hand”, was released on GSL in September. Both Ott and Andersen departed at the end of 2004. 2005 began with YEAR FUTURE in the studio recording a cover of the BIRTHDAY PARTY track “Blundertown” for an upcoming Three One G compilation. The long-delayed YEAR FUTURE album was recorded in autumn2005, featuring the new and improved lineup.



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