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FORSTELLA FORD was an indie/hardcore band from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They started touring and releasing records in 1997 (known then as ONLY AIRPLANES COUNT), when the members were still in high school. The name was changed to Forstella Ford in 1998 to coincide with a stylistic change. Between 1997 and 2003, they released 4 full length albums and a handful of splits EPs on various different labels. They were never signed to any label and worked with many different labels throughout the course of their existence.Forstella Ford broke up in 2003, just months prior to the US release of their fourth album Well Versed in Deception. The album was released in May of 2003 in Europe, and was supported there by a tour. In 2004, the band got back together, but that proved to be short-lived. Less than a half dozen shows were played before they decided to call it quits again. The last show was in Milwaukee in January of 2005. Ex-members are now in TORNAVALANCHE, HEAVY WEIGHS THE CROWN, FT(THE SHADOW GOVERNMENT), and RED KNIFE LOTTERY.



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This is excellent - the Forstella Ford split with Life Detecting Coffins has been one of my favorites for years. Thanks for this post

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