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Omayra Sanchez is a band of Valdivia Chile, which starts in mid-2008, through changes in a former band name Murderotica. You can say it's the maturation stage of it (are the same members over a new guitar and vocals). This band was created in order to express the dissatisfaction felt by the negligence on the part of people who today leads the world. Expressing its ideals through screams torn, chaotic sounds and harmonics, which brings up a very chaotic scene and moved. The name "Omayra Sanchez 'comes from a girl lying dead in the mid-80's by an accident climate of his city (Armero) in Colombia. She remained buried in the mud for 3 days or more, with his family under his feet. The Colombian government did nothing to save what is in three days, while the press recorded his agony, she said his last words, which was shown on television. As we realize the indifference of the world at large. Well, it is understood that it is a way of expressing hatred that lead them against members of a superficial and indifferent to the misfortunes that affect our society every day. This band is completely self and supported by members. You could say that they have influences from bands such as Her Breath On Glass, Last Forty Seconds, The Vida Blue, The Khayembii Communique, Ampere, Arroyo Seco, 12 Aullidos, Tristan Tzara, Case Upon The Capitol, Orchid, Jerome's Dream, Love Lost But Not Forgotten, among others. It's similar to what was Murderotica, just a little more melodic and without the touch of Grindcore they had before.

CANDY CUTTER from the U.K.

I don't know much about this band but I hear a What Price, Wonderland? influence in there somewhere - which is always a good thing in my book. I hear a bit of Bob Tilton and The Vidablue as well.

"as for a bio, our story is unremarkable: we all live in cornwall and met on a music message board. after a break-up of a few local bands we were in, an SOS was sent out and we all kind of came together. the blueprint was to make noise, and as much of it as we could. being pretty much the only people we knew who were into this shit (they do exist but they usually leave) we met up, stuck Hoover's Lurid Traversals 12'' on, smoked out and spoke about hardcore, eventually leaving with a band or a plan or something. recorded a self titled demo - took a break - recorded an EP with a slightly different sound. the plan now is to try and find someone to put the EP out, that'd be nice, no idea if it'll happen, and start on that road that leads to dead hookers and hell. being a new band, we havn't played many shows but after a couple changes in circumstance (life, and me moving to London for uni) we expect to hit the road running by the end of October. we'll play anywhere if we know there's a semi-receptive audience, cornwall isn't a punk-rock playground. it'd be nice to think there are people who might even remotely dig this around pockets of the UK so that's the plan come late october.unfortunately (or possibly fortunately), no pictures of us together exist. up till now, we've literally just met up in an empty village hall and made noise for 5 hours a week before returning to our lives. i guess there'll be some when we're playing regular shows, although there are a couple pictures on our myspace that may be of some use.


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