Sunday, November 16, 2008


Transistor Transistor started in a cluttered basement in Derry, NH, during 2001. With nothing better to do than commit petty acts of vandalism, and practice all the time, the band got going quickly. By 2003 the band had toured relentlessly and worked with bands such as Wolves, Light the Fuse and Run, Daughters, Hot Cross, and Mannequin. Transistor Transistor has taken on many shapes and sizes through multiple tours and a handful of splits and e.p.’s, but has never compromised its pact with Satan. After a great European tour in early 2004, the band found it necessary to regroup and move forward with the lessons learned from the first couple of years of being a band. Having a solidified line-up, and working in Boston, MA, the band found new life and focus and began writing a new full-length record. In 2005 the band will release “Erase All Name and Likeness” its first proper full length. The band feels proud of the hard work they put into writing these songs, having explored new songwriting possibilities, and defining themselves with this new recording. While not leaving behind any of it’s love for loud driving music, Transistor Transistor has grown to be a heavier, more complex, and more dynamic band capable of writing destructive rock only hinted at in their earliest material.

Put Down The Bible, Pick Up The Bottle


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