Saturday, July 26, 2008

network of terror!-We hate your freedom CD, Tour Weenie 3"CD, split 7" with the disease, split7" with xECFCx and demos.

I had the pleasure of being the second of three bass players for this band. Afrind of mine told me he was playing drums in a grindcore band and i checked out the 3 song advance they had recorded with Jamie King (BTBAM recording guy) and later I ended up joining after the original bass player left. This band didn't go as far as it could have due to everyone being busy with school having babies and sharing members with the Crimethinc band Requiem. We sound like a cross between devola and creation is crucifixion. plus instrumental demos are included. I fyou like it contact luckcreature records so scott can recoup his money for the disease split.(sc)


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