Monday, July 21, 2008


If It Doesn’t Kill You was formed in Greenville NC in June of 1999 after the demise of emo/grind band Hovel. The bands sound was characterized by jazz influenced drumming, chord laden bass, and screamed vocals. The main line up was Sean Edmunson guitar,Daris King vocals/guitar, Erick Murrillo bass, and Adamn Slight Drums. Other members included Terry Toner(ex-Alli with and I), Ryan Price (ex-Valient Thorr) Jon Eatman,and Crissy Winstead. The band released a 3 song demo tape, a 5 song enhanced CDEP, and a song on Slave Union Record’s The Microwave Says To The Pacemaker 2x7” comp. If It Doesn’t Kill You disbanded after planing a final show with City of Caterpillar,Army of Ponch, Planes Mistaken for Stars and The Kickass. Members went on to Network Of Terror!, The Kickass, and Farewell. (last f.m.)



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thank you, thank you and thank you.
Steven, you got mail :)

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Anonymous Brandon said...

i love this blog, thanks for all your dudes contributions

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Anonymous stackablecorpse said...

ha ha there's my butt!

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and a nice butt it is too!

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