Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Copout was a hardcore punk/thrash band from Memphis, TN, active in the early 1990’s. Featured members of Talk Is Poison, Bombs Away, Pezz, Cryonics, Tragedy, His Hero Is Gone, Warcry, Deathreat, etc.They released a demo cassette called Get Ready Fuckers, a live cassette called More Dead than Alive on Team Murder USA, a Self-Titled 9-song 7” on Team Murder USA (#003) in 1993, and a split 7” with Face Down(1994, ?).They also had two compilation appearances, the song Haitian Expeditionary Force on a compilation 7” called Yo Pablo (Lengua Armada, 1996) and two live songs recorded live at 924 Gilman, Untitled and Over There, on the Fiesta Comes Alive Compilation 12”/CD (Slap-a-Ham, 1997).They broke up in 1995.A recording without vocals for a 12” that was going to be released on Prank! as #002, but it unfortunately didn’t happen. What’s more, the More Dead than Alive recording was remixed on the early 2000’s and was going to be released as a 12” (Prank #026), but that didn’t happen either.The 7” is more straight up Jack hammmer thrash, the split has a bit of different influence/ mood to it.


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