Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Kurt takes the musical principles of melody and harmony and rips them to shreds. This is noise and this is rock – driving bass beats, crisp and loud guitars, pounding drums and powerful vocals. The opening track "Tricks on Dancing" is suited for a high-speed car chase – blistering straight-aways accompanied by fast paced bass and soaring guitars and taking the turns like no other with breakdowns and shifts that make you pull the top down and drive faster. This track is blazing and relentless. The third track, "The Ambush" is just that, a sonic ambush of pure power bass and guitars backed up by commanding drums and vocals.This record slows down only long enough to gain momentum again, slowing it down only for a few seconds and a few breakdowns before it brings in more noise. There are no “oohs” and there are no “aahs”, most importantly it does not rely on any overused formula associated with many of today’s talent. For those who are unfamiliar with this noise-rock sound, think of At the Drive In mixing it up with Rye Coalition loaded on a gallon of Red Bull. You may find some traces of emo in here as well, and no, we’re not talking about Vagrant emo – think Rites of Spring or Embrace. Talk about hitting the bulls eye, you can’t get any closer than this.


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