Wednesday, June 04, 2008


As Crimson Curse frontman Justin Pearson said in an interview with, “Jimmy LaValle and myself wanted to start a shitty band with no seriousness, no real message, just rock ‘n’ roll. Just to be shitty, start shit with stupid kids, try to play with bands that were assholes, jocks, straight edge, whatever, just as long as we didn’t fit in. Make punk threatening. Push people’s buttons. Get beat up. I think that whole seriousness in punk that we experienced from bands like Struggle or Downcast started this whole thing. At first it was important. People were saying interesting stuff, being informative, and so on. Then it went in some weird direction where it was so white-middle-upper-class, so safe and contrived. It was boring and nothing real was happening. I guess we just wanted to see something cool, something with fire and anger. But at the same time, test people. I think we set out to do something like the Dead Boys, or something along those lines. We got all these fucked-up kids together, made some punk music. That was it.” The Crimson Curse had the sort of dark, swirling lava people that like Chuck Berry and Little Richard had in their veins. That edgy, wide-eyed angst, and that quaking, uneasy suspicion that all is not right in the world and maybe, just maybe, you (as that outta-step boy/girl with guitar/piano/voice) are the one to change things. (note: we’re talkin’ about rock ‘n’ roll in its purest form .


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