Monday, June 16, 2008


An Arrow In Flight was born in june of 2001 and played its first show in november that year. it was started with jeremy and josh and mike. there have been lots of lineup changes. aaif made their own cd in 2002 and gave it away for free. in 2004, they recorded a new CD (on coldbringer recordings) and booked a tour. however, their greasel van had starter problems, so the tour was cancelled. yep. then matt was too busy. then dan didn’t want to play anymore. then tara didn’t want to play without dan. then josh came back and con came on board. then they played some shows. then the band died. aaif, june 21, 2001 - june 17, 2005. the band is survived by business lady, last priest, end on end, and the plot to blow up the eiffel tower (bands containing former members of aaif).


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